153 women received health checks

Over 400 people attended the most recent Healthy Village Project in a remote area of Western China and 153 women received health checks. For many, it was their very first, much needed Doctor’s checkup. Rigjyid is one of the women who came along to the program in her village and this is her story.

Rigjyid is a 34 year old single mother, who has never been to school, is illiterate and raising her two daughters. She doesn’t’ have a house or any livestock from which to earn an income. Rigjyid relies on her mother and sister to help support the family. Her 15 year old daughter had to drop school when she was in grade 8 because they could not afford to send her. Her youngest daughter is at the township school however she will also need to drop school when she gets to middle school because they cannot support the costs. “I got divorced and had to take our two daughters with me as their father did not want them. I have been very sick and could not support my oldest girl at the school any more. She is back home to help my mother home. I am too sick to work. I have appreciated the visit from the Doctor and talked with him about my concerns. I learned a lot about how to manage and help improve my health. Thank you for coming to my village.”  

The Healthy Village Project brings even more to women like Rigjyid. These women know that education is key to their daughters having a bright future, but often it is out of reach. Conversations and interviews continue, with plans to return their daughters to school through Captivating’s Vocational School Scholarship Program, so they can complete their education.

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30 women receive Assistant Chef training -

I am a single mom with 3 children. After the birth of our 3rd daughter I became barren and couldn't provide my husband with a son, so he left me. I have never been to school so I am unable to find work to support myself and my daughters. I want the best for my girls and I know it's not possible without a good education. I need to find work to be able to send my daughters to school. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the My First Job Assistant Chef program. I am learning skills that I am confident will be able to provide me with a good job. I am not property. My children are the most important thing to me. I am happy that I will be able to be independent and provide them with a good future. 


Pigs bring a bright future to Dolji and her daughter

Dolji is a 30 year old single mother and has a 4 year old daughter who is attending the village kindergarten. Dolji has a mental disability and she has never been to school herself. Because of this, she has never been married. She also does not know who her daughter's father is.


130 families have greenhouses

130 families have completed the construction of their greenhouses. This greenhouse [photo on the right] is newly built and belongs to three families.  They have just planted green papers, Chinese cabbage, carrot and onions. Everything is growing well even though it is very cold at the site currently. This is going to help these families to be able to grow fresh produce all year long.


Winter time at Seng Girls Vocational Training School

The campus in winter is white and it looks like a white coat on the roof of the buildings. The the students love winter time at the Seng Girls Vocational Training School.


210 women receive health checks

Since October, the Healthy Village Project has made 7 stops, covering 11 townships, and over 20 villages. One of the most recent Healthy Village Project locations had 300 people attend. The Doctor provided health checks to 210 women and gave much needed medicine. Many of these women have never had a health check and have been suffering with health issues for many years.


Pigs are changing Ms Peng's life

Ms Peng is a very happy single mother of her 16 year old adopted daughter. She is one of the beneficiaries from the Pigs for Poverty Project in 2017 and was among 70 families who each received 2 pigs. Ms Peng and her daughter were struggling to survive financially and then the pig project came to their village 12 months ago. They received two pigs from the Captivating Pigs for Poverty project and learned all about how to raise pigs to breed and the best time to sell the piglets.