Children’s Day at the SGVTS

by Serr Tso [Child sponsorship coordinator for SGVTS]

Children’s Day is the 1st of June each year and is dedicated to raising awareness about children’s rights and well being. At Captivating, EVERY DAY is Children’s Day! Every day of year we are focused on making the world brighter for children. Together, we are reaching out for a brighter future for girls who need our help. Seng Girls Vocational Training School is one such place where girls live, love, learn and grow.

Below is Children’s Day through the eyes of Dezom. Dezom is 12 years of age and is part of the Seng Girls Vocational Training School. Thank you to Peter and his business colleagues who sponsor her.

Children’s Day is the time I truly long for every year. Just before dawn this year, I got up after a long excited night and couldn’t wait to spend the big day with friends and teachers. I came to the classroom early, and saw two of our classmates were already there. Teacher Zuanji was doing make-up for them. I sat beside the teacher and waited for my turn. For the past 2 weeks we had diligently practiced during our spare-time and every one of us was working so hard. We all wanted to give a big surprise to the whole school.

Every class assembled in the playground, Teacher Duobao told us some matters that needed attention and then we lined up and went to the Performance Hall. After everyone was seated, Teacher Duobao announced the results of the top three mid-term grades and issued a certificate of merit for each student. I was the top girl in my class. When I was awarded my heart was really touched.

Show time was filled with dancing, singing and comedy. Every performance was well prepared and won warm applause from the audience. The teachers took a lot of photos for us. Then we went to the canteen. The table was filled with snacks, fruit and drinks and we ate tasty beef buns – I ate six! After we were full, the students carried drinks and said blessing words to their friends. Everyone’s face was permeated with a happy smile. It was really an amazing day!

Every Children’s Day is precious for us, we sing, dance, and enjoy the fun of childhood. Thank you, my dear sponsors, for giving us the opportunity to study and have the children’s day celebration with so many friends at here. We couldn’t experience it without your love and support. We would like to wish you all the best.

We hope you enjoy some of the photos from this special day!




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