Our lovely school

Standing on the top of the Gesar mountain one can see a little red spot, which is our school, Seng Girls Vocational Training School. People have said our school looks like a monastery, because in our Tibetan areas, most of the temples and monasteries are painted red. Our school’s buildings are all painted red in the middle of October this year, but they weren’t always red.

Only the classroom building is different. It was painted with a red and yellow. The upper half is yellow, and the lower half is red.  This is the work of our older sisters of the Thangka class. They all wore “graffiti clothes”, which were very unique that day. Do you know how “graffiti clothes” are made? When painting the buildings some paint splatters on to the clothes, and in turn make unique “graffiti clothes”. It took them only two days to finish the whole classroom building. Now the school is like wearing a new dress, and it will always look red!

The school also put up curtains in the door ways and windows. This is to help insulate the buildings from the cold air. We don’t have to get up early to cut wood for the stoves anymore. Now we can have a warm and comfortable winter!

Our canteen has a new heater installed. Now we don’t have to keep our gloves on when we eat. Before, there was only a big stove in the canteen that didn’t heat the room very well, and our fingers felt like they were going to freeze off. Now, because of the heater, when we eat we are warm and happy. Sometimes on the weekends we will watch movies in the warm canteen.

Now, a lot of students like to go to the classroom to memorize their text early in the morning. Girls lean against the heater, and those not in the classroom can hear their clear voices drifting out every morning. All these nice things are because of our generous sponsors who are concerned with us and our wellbeing. By years of dedicated supporting, they make our life better and better. We are full of hope for the future!

-written by the Seng Girls


How to build a greenhouse

During the past year, 171 greenhouses were built throughout Western China. This is no easy task and so we thought we'd share with you the steps to building a greenhouse.


Tserang can now tell her daughter and grandchildren about health and hygiene

223 women have just received vital information about health and hygiene in remote Western China. Each woman also received medicine and hygiene products along with a medical checkup which, in some cases, was their very first medical checkup. This is one of ten locations where Captivating is supporting Qinghai registered Shamtse Charity implement the Captivating Healthy Village Program - a program that will bring health education and support to 3,500 women and their families.


Captivating's Santa Run- Thank you and photos!

Captivating’s inaugural Santa Run was a truly festive spectacle. 342 runners and 65 volunteers, donned red shirts, hats and Santa suits to run or walk the 6km or 3km around the new Shenzhen Bay walkway. We were overwhelmed by the response from the community, from runners to volunteers, and it was truly enjoyed by participants and spectators alike!

133 Children then got to meet Santa and received gifts, kindly donated by Gold Sponsor ZURU, while listening to carols sung by the truly amazing Freedom:61. It was a wonderful way to start the holiday season.


Work Experience Brings Confidence to Kalsang

by Kalsang

Time is like a river, flowing day and night, never stopping.  It flows quietly by us, and we slowly grow older and wiser. It’s like everything has changed, and yet our dreams of a better future never change.



Building future leaders, thanks to PCH

25 university level students from rural, poor families in Western China, participated in the 2017 PCH Capacity-Building Leadership program. Their families have already sacrificed so much to get them to university and are quite possibly in debt for the rest of their lives.


200 women receive much needed medical help

Over 200 women and 80 men have participated in the program in Kardotso's township, receiving health checks, medicines and personal hygiene products. Change starts with information, knowledge is the first line of defense. Women like Kardotso, will now be able to share this knowledge with her daughter as she grows up.