Our Radio in Nepal is saving lives

Sakhi [name changed] was a bright, young college student. She was offered a job by one of her friends who is a journalist. They arranged to meet at a local hotel. They were close friends and Sakhi was grateful to have someone who was watching out for her.

When they arrived at the hotel, he raped Sakhi. When she tried to call for help, the man told her that there is a video secretly recording and if she tells anyone about this, he will upload in YouTube. Sakhi continued to be mercilessly raped and then the man left the hotel room.

Sakhi was alone and didn’t know what to do. She remembered about a toll-free number she heard on the radio recently, that people can call if they need help. She saved it on her phone, thinking she would never really need to use it. She rang the 3 Angels Nepal toll-free number and asked for help.

3 Angels Nepal (3AN) contacted the National Human Rights Commission and together went to the hotel to rescue Sakhi. She explained her situation and also told that she would commit suicide. Sakhi was ashamed and she did not want anyone to know about the incident. The 3AN team ensured the confidentiality of her situation and helped to catch the perpetrator.

The perpetrator was arrested and during questioning he admitted that he had not taken any videos but only threatened her in order to keep her quiet. Trained 3AN staff provided counselling to Sakhi and helped her get back on track with her life.

Because of the radio broadcasting of 3ACR, Sakhi is now safe. She living with her grandparents,  continuing her education and trying to move on with her life.


Voice of the Voiceless - Nepal

Mukta wept during the interview as she remembered her husband and family. Her family avoided her, and her husband was always drunk. He shouted at her for not giving birth to a boy. She was almost trafficked by someone who pretended to help her.


Prevention through Education - Nepal radio station receives top recognition

3 Angels Community Radio (3ACR) has just been recognized as one of the top radio stations in Nepal. Being selected by the BBC Media of Nepal as 5th out of the top 10 community based radio stations is a huge honour and shows the amazing work and commitment of the staff as well as the high quality of the daily programs.


Broadcasting throughout Nepal

Since 2013, 3 Angels Community Radio (3ACR) has been broadcasting quality programs to the people in Nepal. The programs initially reached 7 small districts around Pokhara. In 2016, they are now reaching 16 districts which is a huge accomplishment.


Anti-Human Trafficking Radio Station (3ACR) - Saving Lives

To further the community awareness about Human Trafficking throughout Nepal, 3 Angels Community Radio (3ACR) held interviews with parents and children on topics including child protection, anti-human trafficking awareness and how your life can make a difference. These programs were aimed at making right choices not only for yourself but for protecting those around you, increasing the value of...