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Room in this Grandma's heart for 3 orphans

Kati was just 15 years of age when her only remaining parent, her mother, passed away. She was left with no other option than to live on the streets. During this time, she was raped and fell pregnant. She had to beg for food to feed herself and her baby. A kind small business owner offered her some food in exchange for small chores. Over time, Kati and Judy became close. Kati found her new mother. Eventually, Kati found a good man and got married and had 2 more children.

Life was finally going well for Kati and frequently visited Grandma Judy with her children. Kati's life was cut short when she died in a motor vehicle accident. The children's father also passed away not long after Kati. Grandma Judy found out about the situation these children were in and asked permission of the village leaders to have custody of these 3 children.

Today, Grandma Judy's home is filled with the joy and laughter of 3 young children. Grandma Judy works hard to provide for these children. The oldest girl is now in grade 3 at school and her younger brother is in grade 2. Grandmas Judy recently joined the Captivating Foster Family Loan's program to improve her business of farming and grow her income of selling quality produce at the market. She has many years of school fees to pay for and her priority is that these children are happy, healthy and educated.

If you would like to give an orphan their FOREVER FAMILY, donate today - your gift will change the world for an orphan.




1,273 women and girls are now safe

1,273 women and girls were intercepted

during the October to December quarter at Captivating funded monitoring stations in Nepal.

Incredibly, that's a girl EVERY TWO HOURS stopped because it was felt by trained staff that she was likely in the process of being trafficked.

The story below is a daily encounter for our partners in Nepal. Thank you to our Captivating world of supporters - your giving is fighting against human trafficking.

Rajani [*name changed] is a divorced women who was trying hard to get her life back on track and managed to find some work. One day she got a call from a man who began calling her regularly. He seemed to know all about her and where she worked and he even started showing up at her work. He wanted to marry her and threatened that if she didn’t accept his proposal, he would commit suicide. After 7 months of relentless pursing, the man wanted Rajani to go with him to visit a nearby town. He was so forceful and wouldn’t accept no as an answer so she went with him. Rajani was taken to a room and was told that there was no use in trying to run away because the two men outside the door would kill her if she tried. Rajani was raped by this man and she could not do anything to stop him.

The man told Rajani he would drop her off at home. One of the man’s friends were called and they all got on a bike. They drove so erratically that Rajani had to close her eyes. When they stopped and went into a nearby house, Rajani realised from the signs that she wass nowhere near her home.  Upon walking closer to the house she overheard the conversation ‘no one will buy her even for 30 thousand rupees [$300]’. Rajani became frightened and knew she was being taken home. Before she could collect her thoughts, the men returned and told her they were going to the border to get on a train. She refused to go but they forced her and threatened to kill her. While they were at the border, monitoring station staff noticed the frightened look on Rajani’s face. She was taken aside and questioned. Rajani told the monitoring staff the whole story. The police were called and Rajani gave her statement. The police dropped her off at home where some of her close friends met her. It was found that the man was already wanted for murder by the police and that there was an active case against him. The man’s family tried to get in contact with Rajani to stop her from testifying against him in court, but they were not successful. The two men were sentenced to 5 years in prison and also had to pay a fine and compensation to Rajani.

~Stopping girls before they are trafficked~



Pink, perky and perfect for a poverty free future

On December 24, 70 families (mostly single mother households) started to receive support to either start or expand their own pig business - a program that will progressively make poverty history for them and their children. This firmly placed "hope" on the horizon.

Liang Sho was one of the 70 recipients. She is a mother of 2 children and has been a single parent for most of her life. Her son never made it to school as he needed to work to help the family. Her daughter had to drop from school when she was 11 years old to help around home and do some farming (she is now 19 years old). What this pig program aims to do is create a sustainable income stream that makes all the difference. Liang Sho is even hopeful that her daughter may be able to return to school in the near future in order to have a better life and help the family. Check out her short video below.

Our thanks again to the wonderful support of so many to make solutions like this possible. If you're interested in completely rewriting the future prospects of families struggling to make ends meet, please check out our "Pigs for Poverty" program. US$280 is all it takes to completely transform lives.

[video width="960" height="544" mp4="/wp-content/uploads/115856240118331a0a761832.mp4"][/video]


72 girls are back in school and progressing well - thank you sponsors!

72 girls from various remote village locations of Western China are now back in school (and doing well) thanks to generous sponsors and a wonderful support charity called SHAMTSE. Each one of these girls had already dropped prematurely from school due to varying situations with all of them mourning the end of their dream of a higher education. Well, dreams can still come true it would seem.



Girls Just Like Me

Getting a chance to visit and chat to the My First Job girls was such a special and rewarding experience for me. Hearing first hand stories of girls needing to leave school at grade 3 because of family needs, domestic abuse, being severely burnt by a stepfather and never wanting to show your face in public, coping with single motherhood living in tents on the grassland with no food to supply your children was heart breaking.



From the streets to my Forever Family

Japeth was just 8 years old when he became a street child in Kenya. This is his story:

"My parents were farmers but when my father started drinking he became more and more violent – he had turned into a monster. There was no money to pay school fees and so my sister, older brother and I couldn’t go to school anymore. One day, my father beat my mother nearly to death. When my mother recovered, she and my sister left. That was the last time I saw them. A few months later my brother left to find work and never returned home. One morning my father said he was going out and would return later. After a few days I realized he was not coming back. I had no food and so I started stealing from the neighbors. The village leaders eventually banned me from the community. I went to look for my grandmother, only to find out that she has passed away 2 years ago. I was alone, with no home or family.

I ended up joining a small group of street kids. We would spend most of our time robbing people and doing odd jobs for small amounts of money. Glue was something that we couldn’t do without. We would place it at the bottom of a plastic bottle and sniff it all day. It would help us not to feel so hungry and it kept us awake. After a year in this life, I found my brother and joined his gang. I learned how to make more money and before long I had cash in my pocket and was able to have 2 meals a day. I moved to a different town and continued to collect things to sell until one morning I woke to find all my things were gone – stolen. I had to start again. I needed my brother to help me. I tried to find him but learned that 4 boys were recently killed by a mob – my brother was one of them. I was shocked and sat down, confused as to what to do now.

I decided to go back to the markets where I used to do odd jobs for money. This is where I met Monica. She seemed to know I was in trouble and needed someone to watch out for me so she brought me food every morning when she arrived at the markets. She was so good to me and even brought me clothes and encouraged me to take a bath. After some time, Monica invited me to come and stay with her at her home. This was very difficult for me at the beginning because it had been many years since I was part of a family. I tried to find out where my sister was but I was told she was found dead and her body had been dumped into the river.

Now I have a sister and a mother who care about me. I am back in school and will be ready to start grade 8 soon. I finally have a family again".

Monica joined the Captivating Foster Family Loans Program so she could build her market business to be able to support Japeth and send him to school.

[caption id="attachment_14185" align="aligncenter" width="699"] Left to right - Monica, Monica's Daughter and Japeth[/caption]


Excitement is building for 70 single moms ready to start their pig businesses

Dec 24th is the launch date of our next Pigs For Poverty program with 70 families (mostly single moms) starting their own piglet-breeding program. In fact, over the next 6 months in excess of 100 families will be recipients of this program thanks to support from individual pig donors throughout the world, the Shenzhen Captivating Charity Auction, and matching donation from Captivating's Chairman, Dean Beveridge. Once progressed through it's first 1 year cycle, this program will transition all of these families well above the poverty line. Great news.



How to build a greenhouse

During the past year, 171 greenhouses were built throughout Western China. This is no easy task and so we thought we'd share with you the steps to building a greenhouse.