Yunnan Village Development Project through Zhang’s Eyes

Zhang is 5 years’ old. His father is a project participant of the Captivating/Heifer Village Development Program. When Dad and Mom are both busy during the sugarcane planting and harvesting season, Zhang is left to take care of his grandpa. Zhang loves his grandpa but he feels lonely because his parents have to leave home to find work. He lives in a remote, rural area where there is no kindergarten or school. Zhang will be ready to begin school in 2 years but will need to leave his village and board at his new school.

Zhang and his grandpa

The Captivating funded Heifer project came to Zhang’s village last year and organized farmers to form self-help groups so that they can collectively plan how to raise beef cattle with by-products of sugarcane. The project organizes farmers to manage their groups and conduct cultural activities and community sanitation.

The main road is now paved in Zhang’s village, thanks to added income and community involvement from the Captivating Village Development Program.

Zhang doesn’t understand all the details of this project however he loves being part of his community that has become cleaner and a tight-knit community, all working together for a brighter future for their children. Zhang can now walk on a paved village road with bare feet with no broken glass or rubbish. Zhang will benefit further by being able to go to school because his parents will be able to have the funds to support an education for him.

In July 2016, Captivating shifted leftover funds from the original Kaili Village development project, a project that helped 300 families address their poverty in partnership with Heifer China, to Yunnan Province. 50 impoverished families became the first beneficiaries of the program, receiving training and program support from Heifer and funding from Captivating to start their progressive steps towards a poverty free future. These 50 families will eventually repay their small business loans with funds used to support a further 50 families, then another 50 families two years thereafter.



How to build a greenhouse

During the past year, 171 greenhouses were built throughout Western China. This is no easy task and so we thought we'd share with you the steps to building a greenhouse.


Tserang can now tell her daughter and grandchildren about health and hygiene

223 women have just received vital information about health and hygiene in remote Western China. Each woman also received medicine and hygiene products along with a medical checkup which, in some cases, was their very first medical checkup. This is one of ten locations where Captivating is supporting Qinghai registered Shamtse Charity implement the Captivating Healthy Village Program - a program that will bring health education and support to 3,500 women and their families.


Captivating's Santa Run- Thank you and photos!

Captivating’s inaugural Santa Run was a truly festive spectacle. 342 runners and 65 volunteers, donned red shirts, hats and Santa suits to run or walk the 6km or 3km around the new Shenzhen Bay walkway. We were overwhelmed by the response from the community, from runners to volunteers, and it was truly enjoyed by participants and spectators alike!

133 Children then got to meet Santa and received gifts, kindly donated by Gold Sponsor ZURU, while listening to carols sung by the truly amazing Freedom:61. It was a wonderful way to start the holiday season.


Work Experience Brings Confidence to Kalsang

by Kalsang

Time is like a river, flowing day and night, never stopping.  It flows quietly by us, and we slowly grow older and wiser. It’s like everything has changed, and yet our dreams of a better future never change.



Building future leaders, thanks to PCH

25 university level students from rural, poor families in Western China, participated in the 2017 PCH Capacity-Building Leadership program. Their families have already sacrificed so much to get them to university and are quite possibly in debt for the rest of their lives.


Our lovely school

Standing on the top of the Gesar mountain one can see a little red spot, which is our school, Seng Girls Vocational Training School. People have said our school looks like a monastery, because in our Tibetan areas, most of the temples and monasteries are painted red. Our school’s buildings are all painted red in the middle of October this year, but they weren’t always red.