The Problem

Our Solution

Meet Lhamo

The Problem

Many nomadic farming families have never been taught basic health. Women, who take the lead in such matters, act on the same principles handed down by their mothers and grandmothers. A key generational statement that is passed down, especially concerning women’s health issues is, “be silent and live with your pain.” In a recent Captivating program, most women receiving free medical examinations were diagnosed as having minor to major women’s health issues. We discovered that many women live with:

  • chronic illness, and lifelong women’s health issues;
  • rampant cases of infectious disease.

It is not uncommon that women have never been to see a doctor due to remoteness, cost, and cultural sensitivities.

But, possibly most concerning, is a growing concern among these women about the safety for their children – especially their girls. Due to a potent combination of poverty and a less-than-stable nomadic lifestyle (where they are constantly on the move), they are aware this is not a good situation for them to be in. They need help and advice on how to be responsible moms.

Our Solution

We’re taking hygiene, health and child safety education to the remote village, securing the support of local officials and village leadership.

A team of experts will supply training on a range of topics including:

  • Healthy living;
  • STD’s/AIDS infection and how to prevent it;
  • Caring for your newborn and young children;
  • General hygiene practices;
  • Attendees will be given a free medical checkup (possibly a first for many);
  • Women will receive basic medical and hygiene supplies
  • Safe-sex, STD’s/AIDS infection and how to prevent it
  • How to keep your children safe from predators and the real dangers of human trafficking.

Project Partner

Meet Lhamo

Lhamo attended the Captivating MY HEALTH – MY FAMILY – OUR SAFETY  Program in 2014. She is the mother of three children and told our project manager how this program saved her life.

“It was very shocking when I heard of HIV and other diseases. I had never heard that such diseases can take lives gradually. I was given a medical check by the doctor last year and she encouraged me to go to the local hospital for further check. So I did and had to have a little operation after that. I was so lucky to be checked otherwise I would never go to the hospital until I got really sick and by that time my life would be in danger as I was told by the doctors from the local hospital.”

Most people who live in rural, remote parts of China have never had a health check by a doctor.

We are finding that many women living nomadic lifestyles in rural, remote parts of Qinghai Province have never had a health check by a doctor.


  • Health and hygiene training;
  • Medical examinations;
  • Medical supplies to a village community;
  • How to keep their children safe from predators and traffickers;
  • Instruction on safe-sex including risks of STD’s and AIDS;
  • Importance of education for their children.

Our thanks to the generous partnership of the Chinese registered ASBV Charity who help underwrite this program

Thank you to our amazing donors, this project is fully funded

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