To the world you are one person, but to one of these girls you could be the world!

When you sponsor a girl, her world immediately takes a 180 degree turn. First and foremost, you will be helping her family to be able to keep her in school.

But even more so, she will receive an immediate emotional lift. For days she will reflect on the new revelation that “someone chose to sponsor ME, my sponsor thinks I’m special.”

Sponsoring a girl = happy days, not just for the girl but for you and your family. Your family population just increased by 1. In effect, you have become this girls international parent – doing for her what her biological parents cannot.

By sponsoring one of the girls above, you will join our Captivating team of global, concerned parents. Your girl will change the world.


Prior to our support, your girl was likely living in a disadvantaged family. She was in school but it was likely not possible for her to be able to continue. Your support moves her from this situation into a place of hope, security, safety, nurture and support. She knows she has One More Year of school, which will give her so many more choices in life.

Health and nutrition


Education is the key to opening the future for your girl. Thanks to you, she will have One More Year of schooling. Her dream of becoming a nurse, teacher, seamstress, or chef, is one step closer to becoming a reality.