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Yunnan Village Development Project through Zhang’s Eyes

Zhang is 5 years’ old. His father is a project participant of the Captivating/Heifer Village Development Program. When Dad and Mom are both busy during the sugarcane planting and harvesting season, Zhang is left to take care of his grandpa. Zhang loves his grandpa but he feels lonely because his parents have to leave home to find work. He lives in a remote, rural area where there is no kindergarten or school. Zhang will be ready to begin school in 2 years but will need to leave his village and board at his new school.

[caption id="attachment_13562" align="alignright" width="225"] Zhang and his grandpa[/caption]

The Captivating funded Heifer project came to Zhang's village last year and organized farmers to form self-help groups so that they can collectively plan how to raise beef cattle with by-products of sugarcane. The project organizes farmers to manage their groups and conduct cultural activities and community sanitation.

[caption id="attachment_13563" align="alignleft" width="200"] The main road is now paved in Zhang’s village, thanks to added income and community involvement from the Captivating Village Development Program.[/caption]

Zhang doesn't understand all the details of this project however he loves being part of his community that has become cleaner and a tight-knit community, all working together for a brighter future for their children. Zhang can now walk on a paved village road with bare feet with no broken glass or rubbish. Zhang will benefit further by being able to go to school because his parents will be able to have the funds to support an education for him.

In July 2016, Captivating shifted leftover funds from the original Kaili Village development project, a project that helped 300 families address their poverty in partnership with Heifer China, to Yunnan Province. 50 impoverished families became the first beneficiaries of the program, receiving training and program support from Heifer and funding from Captivating to start their progressive steps towards a poverty free future. These 50 families will eventually repay their small business loans with funds used to support a further 50 families, then another 50 families two years thereafter.



With Brave Wings She Flies

Sanje was born to a poor family. She was not able to go to school but had to ‘grow up’ quickly and take care of her injured father and the daily household chores while her mother had to go out and find some work.

Motso had to finish school in grade 4 and spent the next 11 years in a wheelchair, in and out of hospital. Her family spent all their money and incurred great debt. Motso defied all the doctors’ predictions and at 22 years of age, was finally able to walk again.

[caption id="attachment_13503" align="alignleft" width="297"] Sangje and Motso in their kitchen, using their new found skills.[/caption]

Sanje and Motso applied for the Captivating My First Job Assistant Chef program and started their journey to a brighter future in 2016 and secured their very first full-time job in a restaurant as waitresses and assistants to the head chef.

Now independent young women, they dreamed of owning and running their very own restaurant. With careful planning and hard work, these young ladies dreams will come true in late September 2017.

“Everything has been like a dream to both of us,” explain the girls. “We never thought that we could become so confident before we attended the program.”

All it took was a sponsor to decide to support each of these girls.  It’s costs US$1,300 to fully fund a girl through a MY FIRST JOB program, including all support costs which continue for up to 2 years after the program has finished – just to be certain things are working ok. And, their world literally transforms within 12 months. These young women can finally spread their wings and fly. With determination, bravery and commitment to work hard – she flies to new opportunities.

[caption id="attachment_13502" align="aligncenter" width="790"] Sangje and Motso in their new restaurant.[/caption]


Highlights from the 9th Annual CAPTIVATING Charity Auction

Because you care - 

  • 57 girls will receive an education, access to proper nutrition and training and support in their very first job.

  • Over 300 women will receive desperately needed medical exams and health and hygiene education for themselves and to share with their daughters.

  • 100 new greenhouses will be built, allowing families to feed themselves and earn enough money to send their kids to school.

  • 104 single mothers will receive expert training and two breeding sows. With the piglets these sows will have every year, they'll be able to feed their families and send their kids to school.

Thank you to our guests, volunteers, sponsors and the schools who all got involved to make this our    BEST YEAR EVER!

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100 Runners at Midnight

For the 9th year running, Greg Shultheis and a wonderful team of volunteers held the annual MIDNIGHT CHARITY RACE in Shenzhen, China. 100 runners along with generous sponsors raised a total of RMB239,000 (US$36,000) in support of the work of Captivating in China through the Shenzhen Charity Federation CAPTIVATING Fund.



From the orphange to a FOREVER family

Jonathan became an orphan when he was 2 years old and this is his story.



Thank you for making the 9th Annual CAPTIVATING Charity Auction a total SUCCESS!

Saturday, October 14 once again saw guests fill the grand ballroom of the Futian Shangri-la, Shenzhen China in support of the Annual Captivating Charity Auction – an event run in partnership with the Shenzhen Charity Federation. The evening was amazing – possibly our best yet.



Fund a GREENHOUSE and keep kids in school

Life in rural Qinghai is hard. And the grinding poverty is deepest for single moms who are on their own, taking care of their children and often elderly parents as well.



You can help girls like Pema

Pema and her mother live in desperate poverty in rural Qinghai. And like thousands of other 13-year-old girls just like her, she is at risk of becoming pregnant as a teenager, exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS or - even worse - one day, she might simply disappear.