Training to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Over two special days in Jugu, Dolakha, something wonderful happened. Captivating Nepal brought together a group of 21 women from Chhaheshwori’s Mothers’ Group last March 5-6. They all came with hopes of learning new things and becoming stronger in their communities.

This is the first of the two-part initiative of the Captivating Village Program to train selected participants towards entrepreneurship.

Day 1 of the training involved travel and setup, followed by speeches and distribution of learning materials to 10 schools. The training commenced with sessions on various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business types, the business cycle, and types of entrepreneurship.

Active Discussion with the Participants

Active Discussion with the Participants

One of the takeaways of the participants is the key characteristics that a successful entrepreneur must possess:

  1. Opportunity Seeking: To actively seek opportunities in any environment. They constantly search for solutions to problems, critically analyze situations, and assess scenarios for potential avenues of growth.
  2. Persistence: To exhibit persistence in various situations, demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of challenges.
  3. Risk-taking: To be comfortable with taking risks and believe in the potential opportunities that come with them.
  4. Commitment to Work: To be dedicated to exploring new ventures and providing quality services to their target customers.
  5. Goal Setting: To set clear goals before implementing any plans, guiding their actions and decisions toward achieving desired outcomes.
  6. Information Seeking: To conduct thorough research and seek relevant information about their business ventures before embarking on them.
  7. Decision Making: To make informed decisions by critically analyzing matters and considering various perspectives before acting.

Discussions such as these were a great way to teach the participants what it takes to be a successful businesswoman. The team also supplemented these lectures with group activities to encourage participation and engagement.

On Day 2 of the training, we covered topics such as the value chain process, characteristics of entrepreneurs, and a session on Human Trafficking. Some participants also shared insights into their entrepreneurial journeys and reflected on the reasons behind the lack of success in their businesses.

The participants learned about the process of bookkeeping and the process of choosing the right location, packaging, and choosing customers for any business purpose.

The training concluded with a review and discussion on entrepreneurship steps. Despite some challenges like participant absences and distractions from children, the sessions were deemed effective, with participants actively engaging. Follow-up plans included monitoring participants’ progress in chicken farming, aiming to motivate them towards entrepreneurship.

Group Photo of Participants

Happy Participants by the End of the Training

By the end of the training, everyone felt excited and hopeful. They had learned a lot and felt ready to make positive changes in their lives. As the group said goodbye and headed home, they carried with them new skills and friendships, knowing they could do amazing things together.

Captivating Nepal, an extension of the Captivating Village Program, is dedicated to uplifting hard-to-reach hill districts around the base of the Himalayas. Our main objectives include enhancing the stability and quality of girls’ education, implementing health initiatives, and fostering livelihood opportunities for marginalized families. We aim to overcome substantial barriers that impede the progress of these communities.  Contact our CEO directly,, for more details. Join us in making a difference today!

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