20 Families Provided with Drinking Water

In the Morang District in eastern Nepal, there is a small and simple village where the 3 Angels Nepal Alternative Child Care Center is located. One of the children in the center had a story that would intertwine with the destiny of the entire village. During follow-up sessions with the child’s relatives and neighbors, a senior member of 3AN noticed a recurring theme: the dire need for clean drinking water.

For generations, the families in the village had relied on the bounty of a nearby natural water source. The water flowed pure and crisp, sustaining the community in more ways than one. However, the tide turned when concrete drains were erected to manage sewage waste. The once-pristine water source transformed into a polluted, undrinkable mess. This shift placed the poorest families and vulnerable children at high risk of waterborne diseases. The village needed help.

We partnered with the villagers to bring about a transformation that would ripple through generations. The villagers united, with 20 families agreeing to contribute a small sum of monthly rupees. Every rupee collected was a step toward a future with clean water. The chosen location for the water tap was not a decision by a few. Through thoughtful consensus, the tap found its home in a family’s dwelling: the Dom family.

This family was historically known for their role in toilet cleaning and had been part of this village for generations. Even as the village evolved, the Doms carried forward their traditional profession, cleansing toilet safety tanks manually. Their story was a testament to the multifaceted nature of progress, where tradition and modernity coexisted harmoniously.

Ultimately, this story wasn’t just about water; it was about a community’s resilience and the dedication of a group of people committed to change.

As the water tap flowed for the first time, the village echoed with the laughter of children quenching their thirst, women filling vessels with clean water, and men washing away the worries of the day. It wasn’t just water; it was a lifeline to a healthier future.


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