Chicken Farming Project Helps Families Create Multiple Streams of Income

The Chicken Farming Project in China helps rural women escape poverty and find hope. We support 90 families in remote parts of Sichuan by giving them high-quality chicks, essential feed, and training in successful chicken farming. After almost a year into the program, these women have gained valuable skills, laying a strong foundation for their businesses. We continue to monitor their progress and provide ongoing support by conducting home visits to check how they are doing and how we can help them in their businesses. We recently visited Liu Jiamo and her family and we are glad to see their progress.

Two boys holding a chicken

Liu Jiamo’s son with our visiting staff

Liu Jiamo’s family has six members, including her husband and four kids. Their eldest son, 15, goes to ninth grade at Jinhe Middle School; the second son, 12, is in sixth grade, and the third, 11, is in fifth grade, both at Jinhe Primary School. Their oldest daughter, 4, is at Jinhe Kindergarten. They struggle to keep their kids in school and rely on loans to support their kids’ education.

The family earns mainly from her husband’s job in Shenzhen, which gives them about 5,000 yuan (approximately USD 770) monthly. Liu Jiamo’s farming of Sichuan peppercorn is also another source of income for their family, but this year’s harvest was poor, bringing in only 8,000 yuan (approximately USD 1,230).

During our team’s visit, Liu Jiamo’s son mentioned they recently got 20 chicks after a training session. Nine survived, and at four months, they sold seven. He said raising them was easy and learned valuable farming techniques with his mom. Despite their financial situation, he wants to keep learning and help his mom with farming. He dreams of being able to help others one day.

One of the things that our program envisions is for each of our members to create a ripple effect in society that impacts others in an inspiring and positive way. One of the ways to do this is to give them more opportunities to earn so they can have not just one, but multiple streams of income.

Our thanks to ZURU and the Annual Shenzhen Charity Auction supporters for sponsoring this project. Interested in learning how you can support this project? Contact our CEO directly,, for more details. He’d love to hear from you.

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The Chicken Breeding Project in China is dedicated to improve the livelihoods of 90 rural families residing in remote regions of Sichuan, China.