From the Orphanage to a FOREVER family

Jonathan became an orphan when he was 2 years old and this is his story.

Jonathan (in red) at the orphanage.

His father was killed in a working accident and his mother left him and moved away. Then his grandmother burned the family house leaving him homeless and without a family. The village chief had no option but to send him to a local orphanage. After a couple of years, Jonathan’s mother returned to the area to be with her son. Things were finally going well for Jonathan until his mother was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Jonathan’s situation was brought to the attention of Captivating’s on-the-ground partner African Community Development Foundation (ACDF). The Captivating Foster Family Loans Program is designed to place local orphans into local FOREVER foster families. We don’t believe in handouts. Instead we work with each foster family to help them financially and sustainably equip themselves so they can take care of their new child – forever.

One of Jonathan’s aunts lived not too far away and had 4 children of her own. Norah was willing to adopt Jonathan however she was struggling to feed her own children. This is where the Captivating Foster Family Loans program began for Norah and Jonathan. Adoption day arrived and Jonathan was finally part of a family again and was back in school.

Norah and her milking cow.

How is Norah managing to clothe, feed and pay the school fees for her 5 children you may be asking? Every day I wake, prepare my children for school, then head to the farm. By midday I go back home to prepare lunch for my children and leave for the market in the afternoon,” Norah explains. “The first loan I received from Captivating/ACDF was for Kshs20,500 [US$200]. I bought a cow for milk. This helped all my children very, very much. I could milk my cow two times in a day and could get nine to ten litres of milk. I could spare one litre for the children and sell the 8 litres. In a week I would make Kshs4,400 [US$41].” Norah has since grown her farm by planting maize, beans and carrots. She now has food to feed her family as well as extra to sell. “From this money I pay school fees for all my children and buy new uniforms and make sure they have lunch every day,” Norah explains as she beams with pride.

Jonathan and his brother take a break while walking to school.

“The community has accepted Jonathan as one of my own,” explains Norah, “though some children still tease him a bit, I am really proud of him because he stands firm to defend himself and his siblings at school.”

Thank you to our family of supporters. Your gift is continuing to give bright futures for orphans in Kenya. Each donation of US$200 helps one more family build capacity to adopt an orphan, giving them a family and a future. And the best news, your US$200 gets repaid and then reloaned to another family – and another family etc. A gift that keeps on giving.  In 2018 we aim to expand our program to another 200 families. That’s another 200 orphans we can help. Will you partner with us?


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