Investigations Team Tracks Down Minor Victim of Prostitution

A 14-year-old girl by the name of Kajal* was kept in a home against her will by two traffickers who forced her into prostitution.

For several months, Kajal had been taking dance lessons at a studio near her home. During this time, she met a woman named Janaki* (a suspected trafficker) who invited her for lunch at the home of her friend, a man named Bishal* (another suspected trafficker).

Over lunch, Janaki convinced Kajal to visit them regularly, promising that she might have a job opportunity for her in the near future that would pay very well. Several days later, Kajal returned to the home; however, this time Janaki and Bishal trapped her in the home, refusing to let her leave. They then forced her into prostitution.

During this time, Kajal’s parents were desperately looking for her everywhere. When they were unable to locate her, they contacted our partners, Tiny Hands Nepal. The investigations team asked them for a photo of their daughter, and then they began searching for her. Through their efforts, they were alerted on Bishal’s whereabouts and tracked him, following him to his home located in the middle of the jungle.

They then began conducting regular surveillance and eventually spotted Kajal there. They immediately contacted her parents to verify her identity. Then they called the police and arranged for her immediate rescue from Bishal’s home.

Janaki was arrested that same day, and although Bishal managed to flee the scene, he was arrested several weeks later. Both suspects are currently in police custody, and a human trafficking case has been filed against them.

Kajal was immediately reunited with her parents and is receiving the vital medical care and counseling she needs.

*Names changed for privacy and protection of those involved
**Original story from our partner Love Justice International / Tiny Hands Nepal


Interception and rescue efforts are crucial in our fight against human trafficking.

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