NORTHERN CHINA PROJECT 200 – Now into year 4.

150 children are being supported through school in this project located just below Russia.  Freezing cold conditions make for scarce work with many families only having 4 months of the year to earn money with the balance of the year frozen over.  Common amongst our poorest-of-the-poor families in this part of the world is to have an inch of ice formed on the inside of their homes during winter.  It is challenging for us trying to help these families end poverty, so we have focused our attention on at least ensuring that their children remain in school.  Although education is provided free in China up to Grade 9, for some children education can still be at risk due to parents not being able to afford the child’s bus fare to school.  This program satisfactorily addresses these issues as a starting point.  At the time of writing, we are still looking for more child sponsors connected to this program in order to consider expanding it to more children in the future.  Our thanks to key financial supporters who helped to better establish this program last year – S & G M.  Also, special thanks to L & S D and family who are now helping to see this project through another year.  To our 60 child sponsors – thank you for believing in these kids.


International Women's Day 2017

"One girl can make a difference - but together we can change our world"


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We are part way through our Captivating Mushroom program being piloted just below Russia in Heilongjiang Province. Several of our poorest-of-the-poor families in our Heilongjiang Project 200 initiative are testing to see whether this is a sustainable income generating solution for them.  Thanks to the volunteer expertise of one of the local retired school-masters, initial results are positive.  The program concludes...