Old People’s Home – Northern China

One of our first programs in China was the establishment of a foster family village in Northern China – a program helping orphaned street children.  This was originally called the Beautiful Life Family Center (BLFC).  Although this program was concluded in 2009, the building and infrastructure have, as agreed, continued to be used for the benefit of this local community based just below Russia.  Today over 50 old people reside in the center who are unable to care for themselves or afford other care alternatives.  They are attended to by dedicated center staff (some of who were previous house parents for us) and supported by proceeds from the profitable pig farm we established a few years earlier.  We receive monthly reports on the performance of the pig farm, and are pleased to report our current pig herd is at maximum capacity of 500 pigs (thanks to the dedicated work of 50 sows/moms and 2 boars named ‘Kan Du Kenny’, and ‘Here By Choice’).  We are pleased to know that our efforts are meeting the needs of the poor in this community.

(pictured: staff feeding residents of the center; pigs enjoying a growth spurt – FYI, a sow produces 2.3 litters of piglets a year, with an average of 20 piglets per year).


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