Parbati the entrepreneur

Parbati was married when she was 9. When her daughter was born, her husband left her because she gave birth to a girl. Parbati struggled to raise her daughter. She wanted to send her daughter to school and receive a good education so she would have not have to face problems like she does. So she went to a gulf country as a migrant worker. She could not earn much but she was successful to help her daughter complete her schooling. There were days when she did not eat meals just so that her daughter could eat. Her daughter has now grown up and is safely working.

Parbati is living in a rented room in Pokhara. She opened a small retail shop about three years ago. It was just enough to survive. She needed a loan in order to expand and increase her profits. She requested loans in many places but to no avail. Nobody trusted that she could repay the loan because she was a single woman and the interest rates were too high.

At the beginning of the My Business My Freedom project, staff from 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) [our project partner] were visiting homes in poor communities. They met Parbati. “The 3AN team were so friendly and kind. I was provided lessons on overcoming poverty and encouraged to be self-dependent through entrepreneurship. I joined a group of 20 women in my community. I was lucky to receive a loan of Rs.33,000 [US$300] at a reasonable interest repayment rate. After I invested the money in my shop, my sales began to increase,” explained Parbati.

Parbati was able to payback her loan and then took another loan of Rs. 100,000 [US$900]. She is now able to earn a profit of around Rs 18,000 [US$163] per month. This is a significant increase in her earnings. Her life has taken a different course. She feels that the way society now looks at her has changed. Parbati is filled with confidence, positivity and empowerment. She is also now able to save part of her earning for her future.





Micro-finance is empowering Nepali women

The My Business My Freedom micro-finance project is giving Nepali women the opportunity to grow their income through seasonal farming. This means they can keep their children in school and because they are able to stay in their own communities and earn a living, these women and their daughters are less vulnerable to trafficking.


Jyoti's tea-shop has changed her whole world

My name is Jyoti, I am now a new member of one of the women’s groups in the Captivating/3AN microfinance program called My Business My Freedom in Nepal. I am married with a daughter and two sons. My husband has no source of income and work is difficult to find. I decided to start my own business so I borrowed Rs.5,000 (US$48) from a friend to start a tea-shop. I thought this would be a good way to earn money for my family.


Chickens for Renu - Microfinance taking shape in Nepal

Renu is 24 years of age and is unmarried. She lived an idle life and was found to be at high-risk of being trafficked. With the help and training from the My Business My Freedom program (a Captivating and 3AN joint project), Renu has now started a mini poultry business. She had no understanding about how to run a business or why it was important for her to be self-sufficient. The group Renu is part of has helped her with learning so much about the risks of human trafficking, how to manage a business, social issues and saving money to invest in her future. Now she has 20 chicken as her poultry farm.


Chameli's bright future begins!

Chameli [name changed] is 29 years of age and has two children aged 3 and 5. Chameli was abandoned by her husband and his family. She move to Pokhara in hopes of being able to provide for her two children. Single mothers with no job and no family support are easy targets for traffickers. Chameli heard about the Captivating / 3AN My Business-My Freedom program. This life changing program equips women with skills and opportunities to become self-sustainable - helping to prevent her and her children from becoming victims of human trafficking. Chameli joined one of the My Business-My Freedom groups in her community.


A Future of Freedom begins for 66 Women

The new 3AN/Captivating program called My Business-My Freedom has launched in Pokhara, Nepal. We are so excited to share with you that 66 women have, so far, begun the process to starting their own business. This will provide a steady income for these women and give them security to one day become truly independent and self-sustainable. Within 12 months, over 200 women will be part of this life-changing program.