To the world you are one person, but to one of these girls you could be the world!

When you sponsor a girl, her world immediately takes a 180 degree turn. First and foremost, she will get back into school and start to dream again of what she hopes to make of her life. Your support makes this happen.

But even more so, she will receive an immediate emotional lift. For days she will reflect on the new revelation that “someone chose to sponsor ME, my sponsor thinks I’m special.”

Sponsoring a girl = happy days, not just for the girl but for you and your family. Your family population just increased by 1. In effect, you have become this girls international parent – doing for her what her biological parents cannot.

By sponsoring a girl you will join our Captivating team of global, concerned parents. Your girl will change the world.

Do you want to sponsor
a girl in the Philippines?

Produced by Li & Fung. Used with permission.

Depending on the individual circumstances of your sponsorsed girl, she will receive one or more of the following benefits thanks to your support of her:

A place to call home

Prior to our support, your girl will likely be living in an impoverished family. She will not be in school. Her typical day will be working to support her guardians (whether her parents, or relatives if her parents are no longer there for her). Your support moves her from this negative situation into a place of hope, safety, warmth, nurture and support.

Health and nutrition

Your girl will have access to medical and health support when needed, better food and warm clothing. All of this will allow her to apply her very best to her catch-up studies.


Education is the key to opening the future for your girl. Thanks to you, she will be back in school (possibly for the first time). This will either mean starting primary school, or Vocational Training School if she is older and eligible. She will start to dream of becoming a nurse, teacher, seamstress, dancer or chef.

First job

The final step in our support of your girl is seeing her transition safely and positively into her first job. She will be mentored on important life skills such as self-confidence, budgeting and time-management - skills that will help her secure a great start to her new life of independence.