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Lolita Restocks Her Online Shop with the Latest Trends

Lolita smiles brightly as she shows us her stock of clothes to sell. She is one of the members of our microfinance program in the Philippines. With one of her children studying Architecture and the youngest set to enter college soon, Lolita works hard daily. Besides clothes, she offers handcrafted perfumes and dishwashing soap in her online shop. Since she started, she already has loyal customers, which also gives her an advantage over other online shops. Through our microfinancing program, she can restock her shop with the latest trends enticing more customers. Not only is she making more money, but she can also habitually save money for future emergencies.

[caption id="attachment_24882" align="alignnone" width="768"]Woman shows her thrift store items for selling Lolita with her clothes for selling[/caption]

With more businesses like Lolita's moving online and relying on the internet, we must also continue our advocacy efforts in our Microfinance Program. In partnership with Honor 1000, we have been operating a microfinance program called "ONE HOPE" since 2011. The program supports over 2,500 women clients weekly and operates in four regions of the Philippines. Through the microfinance program, women can progress their businesses, keep their children in school, provide nutritious food, and live safely in comfortable homes. The children of these families are also more likely to remain safe from human trafficking, making the program even more vital.

However, the program cannot continue to expand without financial donors. For every US$270 of additional loan capital, another single mom and her children can start their journey out of poverty. To learn more about how you can help, reach out to us through the links below.

Help More Filipinos Break Away from the Cycle of Poverty

With your support of AU$385/US$270, we can provide a Filipino mom with a small business loan. Click on the links below to learn more.


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Teacher Meng: I Cried When My Students Graduated

Teacher Meng Shuangyi comes from Chongqing and is one of our dedicated volunteers teachers part of our program, Support a Volunteer Teacher in China.



From Begging on the Streets to Being a High Achiever in School

When we first met Jemhaima and her mother, they were loitering on the streets, begging and scavenging for food from garbage cans. Jemhaima shared that begging and scavenging made her feel ashamed, but since her mother couldn't attend and finish school, it was their only way to survive. Attending school was not a priority for Jemhaima and her family.



Philippine National Police Takes Part in our Fight Against OSAEC

In our commitment to extend our online awareness campaign to the Visayas region, we established a strong partnership with the Philippine National Police (PNP).



Jenny Reclaims Her Citizenship Despite Mental Challenges

Jenny's*  (name changed for privacy) journey to obtain her birth certificate and citizenship was a daunting task, particularly for a twenty-two-year-old with no family support.



I Dream of Exploring the World Beyond the Mountains

Er Shi Ti Xi is one of the recipients of the generosity of our sponsors for the One More Year Scholarship Program in China. She is a Grade 10 student, and she feels immense gratitude for the opportunity given to her to continue her studies because this was a stark contrast to her life back home in the province.



Training to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Over two special days in Jungu, Dolakha, something wonderful happened. Captivating Nepal brought together a group of 21 women from Chhaharashwari Health Mother’s group last March 5-6.



Sharing Learnings & Laughter on First Day of Training

The Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women officially launched on March 18th, 2024. Our team recruited thirty-one trainees after a face-to-face interview, which was in line with the program's requirements.