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Students Becoming Agents of Change

Our Hamro Abhiyan Anti-Trafficking Program team completed an event at the Shuvatara 3 Angels Mission School in Pokhara, with more than 70 students from Grades 9 and 10 becoming new advocates against human trafficking. 

As education is a powerful weapon for change, students can also be an integral part of this change. But for this to happen, they must first learn the indicators of the crime, as well as how to respond when someone is an apparent victim. With the help of our partner, 3 Angels Nepal, this program is educating the youth on the signs of trafficking that they can see and report, so they themselves can rise up to equip and empower their own communities.

Nepali students listening to the discussion of male presenterFive Nepali students looking at a presentation board


Nepali students posing for a picture with the program presenters

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New Graduates of the Tailoring Skills Training

The second Tailoring Skills Training under our My First Job program officially started with thirty participants last August 26, 2022, and lasted for three months. 

Training began very smoothly and the trainees learned fast and well. The teacher stressed the punctuality of the trainees and was satisfied with their performance. Classes were every day, three hours in the morning and three and a half hours in the afternoon.

Three Chinese women listening to their teacher's lesson

Two Chinese women using chalk and rulers on a black fabric


A Chinese woman using a sewing machine

After two months of learning tailoring skills, trainees learned how to operate sewing machines. Because the sewing machines for the class didn’t arrive due to pandemic restrictions, the teacher moved his personal sewing machines to the classroom. The twenty-five trainees (five needed to drop out) were divided into schedules to practice using them.

Also due to pandemic restrictions and some of the trainees becoming infected with COVID-19, the initial graduation date set in November was moved to January 7, 2023. Unfortunately, four trainees were still unable to participate due to health concerns. Awards at the ceremony were based on the scores of the teacher's assessments at each stage, trainee attendance, and other recommendations. Trainees ranked first to fifth were awarded sewing machines and those ranked sixth to tenth were given steam irons. There was also a special prize for the trainee who was most helpful to her fellow trainees.

Twenty-one Chinese women holding their diplomas with their teacher during a graduation ceremony

After three months of study, each trainee was happy and content with learning skills that enabled them to make Tibetan clothes and their own shirts. Teachers and trainees alike had to overcome obstacles, but the teacher ended with a smile saying, “We can’t make everyone satisfied, but it’s good to have a clear conscience and do our best.”

Our thanks to ZURU for underwriting our My First Job Program, as well as key financial support from GPA Global, CAF America, SWIS, and all who purchased an MFJ plush toy at our Annual Shenzhen Charity Auction.
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Relocating for her Children

Jessica used to sell flavored drinks in a different town, but this meant being away from her three young kids. She then made the critical decision to transfer her small store so she could be with them. To do this, she needed additional capital, so she tried applying to our One Hope microfinance program. Because she is new in the community, not many neighbors can vouch for Jessica. Still, the loan officers saw her determination and decided to give Jessica her first loan.

Jessica eagerly looked for a good location and sold drinks near a night market. Now she is almost done paying up her loan, consistently increasing her savings, and planning on expanding her drinks business.

A Filipino woman selling drinks to a customer

Captivating International, with our Philippine field partner Honor 1000, is happy to empower young moms like Jessica to provide for their families and take better care of their children.

Help More Filipinos Break Away from the Cycle of Poverty

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Cultivating a Risk-Awareness Culture

Sushmita (34) regularly listens to 3 Angels Community Radio. She and her husband work as laborers and can only earn money on days when they can find work. Recently, she came into the station with her son and shared her story.

She was frequently offered work in hotels abroad by people. “As I began listening to the radio, I began to feel that you can trust no one. I understand now that there exist people who lure women into sex slavery with false promises of earning money. It is difficult to resist temptation when economic conditions are weak. People easily fall for it. I have become more conscious of the risks because of what I hear on the radio”, shared Sushmita to the radio team.

A mother and her son being interviewed by a radio broadcaster

The radio station has been a shining light of optimism since the start of the global pandemic, offering listeners solace, resources, and vital knowledge to help them through this time of uncertainty. Through their broadcasts, people have been able to hear words of encouragement and connect with emergency services for food aid, legal counsel, and mental health support.


Captivating is the majority funder of the operating costs of the radio headquarters in Pokhara which continue to help those most desperate in Nepal. Check out the links below to know more about 3ACR and how you can help.







Changing Mindsets through Education

Principal He teaches Chinese to 31 Grade 3 students at Ga Le Aimu Primary School. After graduating in hotel management, she initially planned to only teach for one semester, but has now completed six semesters. This longevity allows her to participate in ways that help every teacher integrate well with the team and enhance the overall teacher support experience.

Students listening to their teacher in a classroom


Teachers meet with the parentsMs. He found out that the attitude of the villagers towards education has changed in the last two years. To the students' disappointment, parents didn't let them learn at first, but the teachers went to persuade them one by one, and the attitude of the villagers greatly improved. Because they saw the achievements of the last class of students and the changes that education brought to their children, most of the villagers supported their children in their studies.

Ms. He spends most of her time preparing lessons and making home visits almost every day, hoping to get to know her students more comprehensively. Thanks to Teacher He's continuous efforts, the children's language level has also greatly improved.

Being able to go to school and get an education is important for the future of these children. They live a very simple and basic life and work very hard to support their daily needs. When they have teachers at school who believe in them and help them see their full potential, it makes all the difference.



Thank you to ZURU for underwriting this project.


15,000 OSEC Information Booklets Distributed

We are proud to announce that our field partner in the Philippines, Honor 1000, has completed our distribution of more than 15,000 OSEC information and activity booklets in partnership with Children International!

This means that 15,000 people have benefitted from our awareness campaign targeting Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC). As the Philippines is ranked as the country with the highest incidences of child online exploitation, it's important that we continue to spread this important information.

OSEC booklet discussion

Children International Manila started the booklet distribution in May 2022. OSEC booklets were provided together with tablets and routers for our students to continue their online classes. The booklet is a helpful and important resource for children and youth.

As an initiative to help supplement the OSEC booklets, the staff was trained to deliver our protocol on the proper use of gadgets with an emphasis on safeguarding children.

We also conducted focused group discussions with some of the recipients. The mothers shared that they started asking their children about their activities online, while the younger children shared that they have been receiving inappropriate requests from online strangers such as asking for pictures or inviting to meet up. They learned from reading the booklet that they shouldn’t agree to such requests and instead share those experiences to trusted adults.


In partnership with HONOR 1000 Movement and Children International, Captivating will continue to explore ways on how we can work together to stop exploitation of children in the Philippines.



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Getting her Shop Back on its Feet

Uma Maya has been part of the My Business My Freedom Program in Nepal since the lockdown ended. She was about to close her snack and vegetable shop after she ran out of resources to add goods. She appreciates the program for helping her be able to fill her shop back up with needed supplies. Uma pays her monthly installments on time as she earns her income every month.

My Business – My Freedom will then expand throughout other regions, each year with new loan capital, to eventually have in excess of 1,000 women supported in the My Business – My Freedom program by 2023 (subject to additional loan capital being secured).

It takes US$270 / A$385 of loan capital to start a woman in this program and on her way to a poverty free future. She will repay her loan within 6 – 9 months, and then it’s lent out again. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

  • US$270 / A$385 (helps 1 woman and her family)

  • US$2,700 / A$3,850 (helps 10 women and her family and creates a new loans group)

  • US$13,500 / A$19,250 (helps 50 women and creates 5 new loans groups)


Help stabilize Nepali women with a small business loan. Your donation of US$200 will go a long way. Click on the links below to know more.


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Mildred Inspires Fellow Moms


From a small grocery store, Mildred worked hard to get to this point. Through our microfinance program, her range of products grew from just pantry essentials to also include household supplies. This year, she also added ready-to-wear clothes to her store. She is grateful for the help of our Philippine field partner, Honor 1000, that contributed to this growth. She shares the importance of offering different items that will capture more customers. It will also ensure increased daily income for her and her family.

Mildred also served a term as the fellowship group's treasurer. She was diligent in performing her role of assisting our Project Assistant with the weekly loan payments. Her role also placed her as someone that the fellowship looks up to. Mildred continues to inspire her fellow mothers through her business growth and dedication in attending their weekly meetings.

We hope to help more Filipinos like Mildred be more financially independent by providing microfinance loans so they can start their own small businesses.



Help More Filipinos Break Away from the Cycle of Poverty

With your support of AU$385/US$270, we will be able to provide a Filipino mom with a small business loan. Click on the links below to know more.


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