We need child sponsors for kids just below Russia

GOT 3 MINUTES? Check out our latest CAPTIVATING INTERNATIONAL dvd about our work with poorest-of-the-poor children living just below Russia. We have kids here who are desperate for a sponsor. We’d love you to join our Captivating Kids Sponsorship program (if you haven’t already). Click the link at the end of the video for more details, or go straight to our child sponsorship section by going to http://www.captivating.org/selection/sponsor


International Women's Day 2017

"One girl can make a difference - but together we can change our world"


A Brave Little Girl from North China - By Phoenix

During the summer vacation, I had a wonderful time catching up with the different families of  Captivating’s Heilongjiang Project.   I visited about 20 students and...


Life as a Field Staff - an article by Phoenix

Hi, my name is Hou Fengjiao, but everyone at Captivating calls me Phoenix. I work as a member of the field staff of the...


NORTHERN CHINA PROJECT 200 – Now into year 4.

150 children are being supported through school in this project located just below Russia.  Freezing cold conditions make for scarce work with many families only having 4 months of the year to earn...


Growing up in Heilongjiang

“I am doing the home visit of two students...


Heilongjiang Project 200 – mushrooms anyone

Project 200 is about bringing hope to the poorest children we can find in this Northern China community.  We are partnered with government schools to support these kids so they can remain in school and progress through their education.  This...