A future in tailoring for 30 women

After lots of planning and preparation, we are thrilled to communicate the commencement of a new program in Qinghai Province, China in partnership with the amazing HUSKY ENERGY. Thanks to Husky Energy (donor), Shamtse Charity (implementing partner), and the Shenzhen Charity Federation CAPTIVATING Fund, 30 young women and single-moms are now one-week into their 6 month full-time vocational skills training program – a program that aims to eventually transition all successful graduates into paid employment as professional tailors.

So, what makes this training program so special? All of these young women and single moms have missed most of their education. Most are largely illiterate. And, all of them have been assessed as being “as-risk” without intervention and help. Many already have children of their own to care for and no real opportunity of stable income. Life is extremely challenging and tough for them. All that changes – starting now. A lot of hard work lies ahead for these women, and although not all will be successful, they now live with the real hope of genuine independence and financial stability for both themselves and their families. This is a dream-come-true opportunity.

Dejilamao was the very first girl accepted into the Husky Energy Tailoring Skills for Women Program. Like many others in the program, she didn’t progress past grade 1 in school due to a combination of poverty and prejudice. Now as a 25 year old divorced single mother with a 9 year old daughter, her current and future options are extremely limited. She currently has no fixed source of income, no housing, and no family support. Like all moms, she wants her daughter to have a better life than she has – so all her energy is focused on her little girl. She knows the value of education and wants to see her daughter complete her schooling – be something great in her community – in her world. With no stable income coming in, realizing this goal for her daughter is beyond reach. So much pressure for a girl – a young women whose life should be in it’s prime. Dejilamao was SO EXCITED to be accepted into this program and dreams of being a professional tailor capable to earn money far beyond her current dreams. We look forward to tracking her progress.

Photo above – Carrie [wearing the brown scarf] is Captivating’s Program Manager and Shamtse Charity’s Director. Here she is meeting with the Trainer/Project Coordinator [wearing the brown coat]. Together, they work hard to bring bright futures to each of the women in the Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women.

Project Partners



A bright future for 33 families

On May 2nd, 33 families in remote Qinghai province in China, joined the Pigs for Poverty Project and received 2 piglets. This project provides training, program management & support, and 2 quality breeding sows to get them started in their new small pig raising business. This will enable increased income producing capacity and resulting in children remaining...


Success for Tserang - Husky Energy Tailoring Skills for Women

The Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Project For Women has brought Tserang such confidence and stability in her life. She is able to send her children to school, knowing that she will also be able to provide them with a college education when they are older. She wants her children to have the opportunity of a career and a stable income.


"My dream has come true!" - Vocational School Scholarships opening doors for girls

After 3 years of studies, she has just graduated and is thrilled to share her good news with the world. "At the end of my internship at a local school, the school director informed me that I am officially hired and my paid job will start in September. I am very lucky to be in my favorite career. Time flies when I am doing the thing I love most. I really like spending time with the children in the classroom. I call them 'my children' and they surprise me every day with the way they learn so quickly."


Children's Day Celebration Bonfire Fun

The annual Children's Day Celebration brings an atmosphere of holiday happiness everywhere on the campus at Seng Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS). Teachers and students worked together to gather the firewood. The fire was big and strong. Teachers and students formed a circle and began to do Guozhuang dance. This year's Children's Day ended in a happy Guozhuang dance!


Greenhouses for 40 single moms

The 2018 Greenhouse project brought greenhouses to 130 families across 3 different village locations. Mr Tserang is the Village leader of a project location where 40 families, mostly single moms, have benefited from this greenhouse project. He is a very responsible village leader and fully supportive of the project. There are 57 households in his village and another 63 families...


Planting seeds and watching tall trees grow

"I have watched these girls transform from shy and timid girls to confident girls who are confident enough give speeches in front of the school. It gives me a great feeling to experience planting seeds and seeing tall trees grow. I know the girls are grateful for this opportunity and are thankful to those who believed in them enough to support their education."