A Well-Informed Community is a Healthy and Safe Community

The 2019 My Health, My Family, Our Safety Project has been traveling through remote locations in Western China. A local doctor and a team of health professionals, coordinated by our partner Shamtse, will be visiting 10 different communities as part of this project. The team attended to the health needs of 258 community members (mostly women) on their first stop and taught them how to improve their own health and encouraged to share the information they learned with their families. This project also provided medical check-ups for the women and children who needed it, most of whom have never received any kind of medical attention before. Personal hygiene products we  included as giveaways and medicines were distributed as needed.

One of the women the team met during their visit was Zhongjia, a widow and single mom. She has never been to school and grew up helping her parents graze their land and take care of housework.

Unfortunately, her husband died from an accident, which left her to take care of her daughter alone. They had no one else to depend on and she had to work grazing and digging lands to make a living. When her daughter went to junior high school, she fell ill and had two major operations on her legs causing her to be bedridden for two months. Her daughter had to drop out of school so she can be taken care of at home. She also had to depend on medicine all year round since then.

When asked about the Healthy Village Program, she smiled and shared, “When the coordinator announced it, I had doubts at first and didn’t think it can bring me much benefit. I am fortunate to have participated in this program and have a new understanding of my body. The training increased my awareness about self-care and maternal and child health. They taught us how to live a healthy life, how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and how to improve interpersonal relationships.”

“The training also included breaking superstitions, abandoning bad health habits and developing good ones, and advocating for a civilized, healthy, and scientific lifestyle. These program has been very valuable and the information shared is very helpful for me. When I get home, I will spread these messages to my neighbors and sisters who did not have the opportunity to come to the site.”

Zhongjia’s home is quite far from the city and receiving this kind of health service close to her home is very rare. She went home with gratitude and sent us her most sincere thanks!

Our special thanks to Bennie M and ASBV Charity for funding the My Health, My Family, Our Safety project in this village. Because of you, 258 villagers know how to protect themselves from diseases and provide a safer environment for their children.

Our Partners



Tailoring Skills Training Providing Steady Income

Dechin's father was a self-taught tailor. It was through making clothes that her father got them through some of the most difficult times in their lives. One of which was when her mother had a back surgery. However, the monthly medication afterwards was too costly and their earnings were barely enough.


Passing on Good Health Practices

235 villagers including 96 women came out to the My Health, My Family, Our Safety project in their village. The team of doctors and nurses spent time with the villagers and explained good health practices and provided medical checks for those who needed them. Many women in thie community have never been to see a doctor mostly due to the remoteness of the region. It is a long and tiring trip to a medical centre.


Gaining Experience and Making Memories

Sonam is part of the Vocational School Scholarship Program (VSS). One of the best things about the VSS project, aside from giving these girls the opportunity for their dreams to come true, is that they also gain experiences in extracurricular activities and make memories they will remember for a long time. Sonam shares her experience with us.


Bringing Health Information to 228 Villagers

During the My Health, My Family, Our Safety awareness program, Gazangji received a consultation with the doctor. She could hardly express how much the health training and information meant to her. She was grateful for the opportunity to learn about disease prevention and how she can manage her health better. And this is the best part - she is excited to convey what she learned to her family and friends. Projects like this are successful when the participant start conversations about what they have learned. 


Opportunity to Change the Future for My Family

In my uneducated state, it is difficult for me to find a place to work to earn sufficient money. Clothes are needed by each of us. I joined the Husky Energy Tailoring Skills for Women Program in July 2019. This was my opportunity to change the future for my family. 


Have a CAPTIVATING Christmas

From all of us at CAPTIVATING - our board, employees, partners and volunteers - we wish you the best of the festive season ahead and a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 2019 has been an amazing year of impact thanks to an amazing combination of generous supporters and wonderful grassroots program partners.