Captivating – thank you for helping us keep warm

by Bhim – 3 Angels Nepal emergency Aid worker

Emergency Blankets Distributed (2)I work in remote villages where Captivating has helped to provide blankets and warm clothes. I work for 3 Angels Nepal (3AN) and it was my job to distribute these blankets and shawls to remote earthquake affected places. These women and their babies are living with just tin over their heads since the April earthquake and are now open to the severe winter elements. They are facing extreme cold not just for themselves but for their newly born babies. In this recent trip, we sent aid to about 230 children under 1 year of age in one place and another 310 children in another place. Some of the women walked 1.5 hours to reach the area where we distributed the items, arriving 2 hours before 3AN staff arrived. They are in such need and our hearts break when we see them. Warm clothes for them and their babies bring much needed relief.

Captivating, thank you for sending your help. There is such desperate need here in Nepal. You have made a difference in the lives of these women and their babies.

Pictures: Women and their babies receiving their warm blankets and clothes.


Community Helps Family with a Newborn Baby

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Throughout the Nepal lockdown, 3 Angels Community Radio has been continuously helping communities through informative radio programming as well as distribution of basic necessities such as food and clothing.


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(by Tracy Chen - Administration Manager, Captivating Shenzhen)

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