CAPTIVATING VIVIAN starts her Graphic Design dream

For 4 years Vivian Yuan has devoted her life (pretty much all of it 24/7) to Captivating.  As our largely self-taught Shenzhen based Graphic Designer, Event Coordinator and general “make us look good” person, Vivian is an invaluable member of the Captivating team at our Shenzhen China office. Vivian’s passions are her iMac, iPhone, Macbook Pro and pretty much everything else fruit related.  Most importantly for us is that she just wants to do her best so that more children in China can be helped.  That’s what we like best about her.


It was this passion to help more kids that resulted in Vivian approaching us 6 months ago concerned that her self-taught computer design background was holding her back from doing her best.  Long story short – our Board Chairman, Dean Beveridge – a long time Vivian fan, whispered in the ear of a wonderful Australian based organization called Tractor (, an independent design school created by designers for designers. In Australia, Tractor is viewed by the industry as being the “elite design school” famous for creating exceptional industry ready designers.  It was the perfect fit for Vivian.

Fast forward to today.  Vivian still can’t believe that she is now 3 months into a 4 year Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design – a course she can complete on-line through Tractor without leaving Shenzhen.  This course has Vivian regularly involved in live video training sessions, conference calls, and interactions with her design instructors back in Melbourne, Australia.  Amazingly, in recognition of the role that Vivian plays at Captivating, Tractor provided Vivian with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP, a gift valued at US$20k.  An incredible reward for an exceptionally talented girl.  Congratulations from all us at Captivating to you Vivian, and our continual thanks to TRACTOR management and the whole design team for their incredible generosity and support. Please check out more about Tractor at   

You’ll be happy to know that our ongoing communications will continue to get better and better with this course, and that Vivian has agreed to remain employed by Captivating for the rest of her natural life (oh, you didn’t read that fine print Vivian? 🙂  Just joking Vivian – 20 years will be just fine.


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My Internship with Captivating International

Annisha Sidhu writes: "When I first arrived in Shenzhen, I was overwhelmed by how hectic and busy the city was. After being excited for so long, it felt so surreal to actually be here. After graduating from university in the UK, I was really excited to start my internship, and Captivating International didn’t disappoint. From the moment I stepped foot in the office, I was made to feel like part of the team. I had the warmest welcome and felt so comfortable with everyone straight away."


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