Drolmajyid is one of 150 women who received life-changing help

Drolmajyid is a single mother of 3 children. She is 35 years old and has never been to school. Her 2 sons are going to to school however she isn’t able to send all her children to school so her 8 year old daughter is not attending school.

Because of the remote location in which she lives and because she is poor, Drolmajyid delivered her 3 children at home and had never seen a doctor to receive either prenatal or postnatal care. Being a part of the Healthy Village program, she received a medical check-up and the doctor  found her to be seriously sick. She was given medicine and treatment she needed and is making a good recovery. Drolmajyid is grateful for the lifesaving help she received. She now knows how to keep herself healthy and is training her children to be strong and healthy young people.

Drolmajyid and her 8 year old daughter receiving valuable health treatment and advice from the doctor during the Healthy Village Program that came to their remote township

Drolmajyid and 150 women and 50 men are now wiser regarding their health and the health of the families. This small township in remote Western China was visited by 2 doctors and a nurse along with our program partner and Qinghai registered Shamtse Charity. Medical and hygiene supplies were distributed and community presentations were carried out that included information about STDs, how to care for babies, women’s health and safe hygiene practice. Medical checks were carried out in this township and for many of these women, just like Drolmajyid, they received their very first health check.

Thank you to Red Ribbon for making it possible for this remote township to be part of the Captivating Healthy Village Program. Lives have been changed because of you.


Kidz With Heart - One Amazing Day! Photo Gallery

Shenzhen International School (SIS) Jingshan Villa, Shekou was once again fulled with a buzz of action, high-5's and passionate kids on Saturday March 17, as Captivating in conjunction with the Shenzhen Charity Federation, ran the first of two Mini Olympic events for the 7th year.


Pigs bring hope to single mom and her 3 children

Dangzhicuo was one of 70 single moms who each received 2 piglets in December 2017. 30 more families will be helped in the coming months. In addition to the piglets, they are receiving training and support on how to breed piglets and establish their own pig breeding program as part of Captivating's Pigs for Poverty  project.


Pink, perky and perfect for a poverty free future

On December 24, 70 families (mostly single mother households) started to receive support to either start or expand their own pig business - a program that will progressively make poverty history for them and their children. This firmly placed "hope" on the horizon.


72 girls are back in school and progressing well - thank you sponsors!

72 girls from various remote village locations of Western China are now back in school (and doing well) thanks to generous sponsors and a wonderful support charity called SHAMTSE. Each one of these girls had already dropped prematurely from school due to varying situations with all of them mourning the end of their dream of a higher education. Well, dreams can still come true it would seem.


Girls Just Like Me

Getting a chance to visit and chat to the My First Job girls was such a special and rewarding experience for me. Hearing first hand stories of girls needing to leave school at grade 3 because of family needs, domestic abuse, being severely burnt by a stepfather and never wanting to show your face in public, coping with single motherhood living in tents on the grassland with no food to supply your children was heart breaking.


Excitement is building for 70 single moms ready to start their pig businesses

Dec 24th is the launch date of our next Pigs For Poverty program with 70 families (mostly single moms) starting their own piglet-breeding program. In fact, over the next 6 months in excess of 100 families will be recipients of this program thanks to support from individual pig donors throughout the world, the Shenzhen Captivating Charity Auction, and matching donation from Captivating's Chairman, Dean Beveridge. Once progressed through it's first 1 year cycle, this program will transition all of these families well above the poverty line. Great news.