Empowering women with confidence and skills in tailoring

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to introduce you to Caidan. This talented lady is teaching tailoring skills to 30 women (mostly single moms) in the newest Captivating initiative the “Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women“.

Caidan is a well known tailor in the local county and she has her own factory for producing Tibetan and Tu Robes as well as tents and other items. She has been a tailor since very young and over time, has earned a good reputation. She was a single mom at 27 and needed to raise her two children alone. In order to change her situation, she borrowed some money to attend a tailoring training program. She started working by doing odd jobs for a clothing factory. 7 years later, she owns her own business. She has received lots of awards, certificates from the government and local organizations. Over the years, she has been invited to take many roles in important positions.

She is a woman with a passion to empower rural women. She knows what it is like to be a single mom with the burden of trying to provide for her children. She has experience helping many women over the years to become self sufficient and learn the tailoring trade. The Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women will also provide internship opportunities at completion of the training. This amazing teacher will also work with Captivating/Shamtse to help the trainees secure jobs after the program concludes in June through her personal network.

Thank you to Husky Energy for fully funding this project. 30 women are breaking the cycle of poverty for their children. This project is giving women confidence and skills that will set them up for a bright future.

Caidan [in the purple coat] is instructing the women on how to measure and cut fabric.

Project Partners



The "My First Job Program" has changed my life

Wango is the best student in the My First Job Assistant Chef program. She is a fast leaner and all the food she cook is always delicious. Wango takes the My First Job classes seriously and works really hard to learn everything she possibly could. It takes her 1 hour by motorcycle from her home to attend class everyday.


The opportunity to go back to school

Drugmo is 22 years old and lives with her grandmother. She comes from a nomadic rural area and attended the Healthy Village Project in December 2018.


A brand new future for a single mom with 3 children to support

Chogkyid beams as she tells us how grateful she is for this opportunity to learn a skill. “Cooking looks easy, but is quite hard. I especially need to learn to control the heat. It's very important in stir-frying. I've never cooked with vegetables before so this is an exciting time for me. In just a short few months, I have successfully learned to cook 22 different dishes. This is something I never thought I'd be able to do." When Chogkyid completes her training and internship, Shamtse [Captivating's in country partner] will help her secure her first job. She will be able to earn a good income, repay her debt and provide a bright future for herself and her children.


Medical Internship

Dandur Tso comes from a family of 8 people. The family was in poverty and were not able to provide for their children. Dandur was accepted into the Seng Girls Vocational Training School in 2007. After six years of primary education, she was supported through a Medical school where she discovered her love of medicine. She is currently completing her internship in a hospital and will graduate in July 2019.


10 piglets and 1 very happy Mom

This mom in Qinghai, China, is very happy and busy. Thanks to the Pigs for Poverty Project, she now has 10 piglets to take care of and sell. Before receiving two sows, she had very limited income opportunities for her family. Now, everything is different. "I am expecting an income of around 10 thousand RMB for the coming year. Thank you very much for helping us. We are very grateful. Pigs keep us very busy but they are increasing our family income. I am so happy to raise them. With this extra income, my children's education will be able to continue. I will be always grateful."


"Hats off" to our awesome 2018 greenhouse supervisor

Mr Tredan [wearing the cowboy hat in the photo below] is the main supervisor for our current greenhouse construction program. He is a shy man but strongly believes in this program as an excellent way to significantly improve the livelihood of impoverished single moms in Qinghai, China. He was our key in the success of our 2017 Greenhouse Project and we have been grateful he was willing and happy to help out again during the 2018 project - a program that has brought hope to 131 families this past year. It was dusty work but the results were exciting as each Greenhouse started to take shape.