From the grasslands to medical professionals

At Captivating, our goal is to help equip girls with education and skills that will sustainably open doors for them. Our aim is to give them opportunities that will give them wings to soar.  7 girls have been studying nursing over a four year vocational program, and we are so proud of all their achievements.

My name is Lahrchem. I am currently doing my nursing internship in a hospital. So far, I’ve been in three different departments – Hepatology, General Internal Medicine and Gynecology. Currently, I’m interning in the area of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and I can see newborns every day. My work is focused in labor, delivery, and newborn care. In Obstetric I have learned much in specialist knowledge and operations, and post-partum care. My daily work is measuring vital signs, IV fluids, perineal washing, giving oxygen, catheterization, bathing and dressing the infants, and infant swim therapy.

My name is Santen. I work full-time in a hospital in a large city. I mainly do acupuncture and cupping therapy in the hospital, because my major is Tibetan medicine. There are good doctors at the hospital I work with, and I have learned a lot from them. I have a one year contract with the hospital and I hope I can renew the contract next year. Life is much better now. I don’t have to ask my family for money or get support from Captivating, instead, I can help support them now. With the help of my sponsor, teacher and classmates my life has been changed for the better. The most important change is I have a dream, which is to become a doctor. If I didn’t go to medical school I wouldn’t have had an idea where I would want to be or what I would want to do. I would have been on the grasslands for the rest of my life.

My name is YungChin and I am studying medicine. I am very lucky to receive quality training. I first went to the department of Orthopedics, and Surgery. There I learned about T tubes, stomach tubes, and how to give injections, into-venous needles, and insulin shots. I have read many books about orthopedics. I also need to do a class reports, and measure pulses, body temperatures, breathing, blood sugar, perineum care and many other related topics. Every day, after rotations, I go to the operation room to watch and learn while the professional doctors operate. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you to KONG, David & Adele, Tom & Shelly, and Penny & the Whalen Supply Chain for sponsoring these young ladies through their studies at the SGVTS program and then during their 3 year nursing studies. You have changed their world.


A bright future for 33 families

On May 2nd, 33 families in remote Qinghai province in China, joined the Pigs for Poverty Project and received 2 piglets. This project provides training, program management & support, and 2 quality breeding sows to get them started in their new small pig raising business. This will enable increased income producing capacity and resulting in children remaining...


Success for Tserang - Husky Energy Tailoring Skills for Women

The Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Project For Women has brought Tserang such confidence and stability in her life. She is able to send her children to school, knowing that she will also be able to provide them with a college education when they are older. She wants her children to have the opportunity of a career and a stable income.


"My dream has come true!" - Vocational School Scholarships opening doors for girls

After 3 years of studies, she has just graduated and is thrilled to share her good news with the world. "At the end of my internship at a local school, the school director informed me that I am officially hired and my paid job will start in September. I am very lucky to be in my favorite career. Time flies when I am doing the thing I love most. I really like spending time with the children in the classroom. I call them 'my children' and they surprise me every day with the way they learn so quickly."


Children's Day Celebration Bonfire Fun

The annual Children's Day Celebration brings an atmosphere of holiday happiness everywhere on the campus at Seng Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS). Teachers and students worked together to gather the firewood. The fire was big and strong. Teachers and students formed a circle and began to do Guozhuang dance. This year's Children's Day ended in a happy Guozhuang dance!


Greenhouses for 40 single moms

The 2018 Greenhouse project brought greenhouses to 130 families across 3 different village locations. Mr Tserang is the Village leader of a project location where 40 families, mostly single moms, have benefited from this greenhouse project. He is a very responsible village leader and fully supportive of the project. There are 57 households in his village and another 63 families...


Planting seeds and watching tall trees grow

"I have watched these girls transform from shy and timid girls to confident girls who are confident enough give speeches in front of the school. It gives me a great feeling to experience planting seeds and seeing tall trees grow. I know the girls are grateful for this opportunity and are thankful to those who believed in them enough to support their education."