Introducing the ‘MY FIRST JOB’ Program

We are proud to introduce to you a brand new program we hope you will become excited about just as much as we are.

The sad reality is that some girls in remote Western China still find themselves as young women with little or no education to speak of. China has made incredible progress in makng education available to everyone, however, poverty and prejudice still result in some girls falling through the cracks. These girls, now 16+ years of age and largely illiterate, ask the daunting question of “what now?”. The simple reality is that the options are few. It’s too late for school scholarships, and without help, the future has many clouds for these women. At Captivating, we believe the best solution is getting these young women safely into their first job. This program is about joining the dots – matching the need with a good first employer – and attempting to position these girls with some skills and mentoring so that this first job is much better than otherwise expected.

Our first ‘MY FIRST JOB’ initiative is focused on providing 6 months of intensive Cooking training for ten rural illiterate girls. This program commenced a few weeks ago. These girls will be trained over a six month period with the objective of getting them into approved restaurants as junior chiefs. We will then keep in contact with the girl for the next two years to support her and track her progress. The trainees are from different counties and regions of Qinghai Province and they all come from rural and impoverished families.

Meet Limojyid. She is 23 years old and from Guinan County, Qinghai. She dropped school when she was only in grade two at primary school. Since then Limojyid has been helping her family herding. “This is my first time to Xining City ever in my life and I was very excited when my father told me that there is a chance to attend cooking training. I hope I can get a paid job in a restaurant so I can help my father with supporting the family financially.” said Limojyid. 

Thank you to TJ and Michelle, Rebecca A, and Donna & Leigh who have generously funded the beginning of this program. We are still needing to raise a further US$9,500 to fully fund this program. If you would like to donate and receive updates on the progress of these 10 girls and their first jobs, please contact We would love to partner with you to help bring a brighter future to these wonderful young ladies.


An Orphan's Life is About to Change

In August this year, 95 girls joined Captivating's Vocational School Scholarship program, bringing the total of girls in this 3 year program to 277. All these girls were found by our on-the-ground partner [Shamtse] to be out of school. Getting these girls back into school where they can learn a skill that will provide them with independence and job opportunities is important to us at Captivating. It's girls like Zhang who bring special meaning to this program.


Determination to Support Her Family

The year is about to come to end, but for the women in Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women, this will mark a new beginning. They are more than excited to graduate from the program and start a new chapter, equipped with their newly learned skills in making beautiful clothing. One of them is Degerjyid.


A Mother's Sustainable Efforts to Send Her Children to School

"I always firmly believe that education can change the future, so it's important to me to send my children to school no matter how hard or tired I am. I didn't have the opportunity to get an education. Because of this, I haven't had a stable source of income, but I have to stick whatever I can for the sake of my children. Fortunately, with your encouragement and help, I have hope in my life."


Diligent Mum Now with Stable Employment

When she first joined the My First Job Assistant Chef Program, she was nervous and worried that she would slow down the class' progress because other women may already be more skilled than her. Dongzhikyid doubled her efforts, working diligently everyday on the assignments the teacher gave them, and was able to keep up with everyone else.


We are Thrilled. Shenzhen, You are Amazing!

On behalf of the Shenzhen Charity Federation, thank you so much for being a part of our 12th year, last Saturday, October 17th, 2020.  And, once again, our thanks to the wonderful team at the Futian Shangri-la, Shenzhen.

Together, as a result of the generosity of everyone who attended, 1,000 lives (single moms, young women, and their children) will one day look back on 2020 as a turnaround year for them. A year of new beginnings and fortune.


A Thousand-Mile Trip

62 girls in our second cohort of Vocational School Scholarship Program graduates, completed their courses in July 2020. Most of these girls were only able to go to school up to grade 9, with many dropping out even earlier. The key reasons being financial difficulty, prejudice on the part of their parents not valuing education for girls, and varying family circumstances. Their dreams of a career and independence were gone. But thanks to the Vocational School Scholarship program, dreams are coming true again. Luma is one of our graduating girls and she shares her story.