My Trip to Eden – Written by Emily Winfield

(Emily is 10 years old and lives on the Gold Coast, Australia).

Two days ago which was on a Sunday, Aunty Julie, Uncle Andrew and Tyler took my mum, brother Matt and I to Project Eden in Dongguan, China.  We traveled by van and took us one hour and a half to get there from Shenzhen. When we got there Aunty Julie and Tyler introduced us to all the people there.  Then Tyler and Ruth (a really nice girl there) took us to meet their pet guard dogs.  Missy and Ma Ma the two dogs that are there I liked very much.  My favourite was Ma Ma, he was so cute, but at first he was scared.  Then we went outside and played on one of the trees roots hanging down from it.  We would swing of it and then jump down.

Later we went for a walk in the bush.  Tyler said that it looked like it does in the movie Narnia.  I thought the same too.  We walked a while the saw a cute black dog and several pigs.  There was one piglet too.  Then we went back and read books in the house. Then all the adults wanted to go for a walk so they dragged us along too.  When we got back we played badminton with all the girls who are looked after at this place.  When we finished the boys went and ordered KFC as a special treat.  When they got back (we waited a long time) we ate dinner and there was cake for desert.  I don’t know who started the cream fight but we had one and I got smothered in cake cream.  The cake itself was great. When we had to leave we said goodbye and off we went. I had a great time at Eden. P.S.  playing with the girls was great fun.  I played badminton with one of them even though I was bad it was fun.  We laughed because I couldn’t hit the ball thing.  They are really good at it.  They are also great at the foot hitting things, too.

From Captivating – thanks for your great story Emily.  The girls loved having you, Matt and mum come visit.


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