Onwards and Upwards – some changes at Captivating

Captivating International celebrated their 5th anniversary culminating another year of growth in funding and programs; and with it came time for the Board to review our plans for the next 5 years. With a foundation of a solid and broad support base established by incredible donors and organizations, the Board unanimously agreed that it’s time to push hard for the next 5 years. This has resulted in several changes being implemented.

The first change relates to Captivating’s founders – Julie and Andrew Colquhoun (and their son, Tyler).  After 8 years in China, the Colquhoun family will be heading back to Australia. Their focus continues to be leading the charge for Captivating focused 100% on its growth and expansion, but with extra emphasis placed on expanding the domestic support bases of Australia and New Zealand.  With more and more project requests now coming Captivating’s way, especially following our move into Africa and Nepal, our support base must expand if we are to progress our mission of bringing hope for a better tomorrow to impoverished children and families.  Captivating’s Shenzhen based support team and office will continue as “home office” for Captivating with dedicated staff continuing to support Captivating’s work not just in China, but also abroad.  And, although the Colquhoun’s will be based in Australia from December, Andrew and Julie will still be seen regularly in Shenzhen attending key events, visiting projects and the office, and keeping up with friends and supporters (as well as visiting their precious dog who will stay behind to guard the office).

To ensure momentum keeps going in China and as part of this change, Bonnie Horibata has recently joined the China Captivating team.  Bonnie is well known in the Shekou community having previously held the position of SWIC President, as well as running other key events and programs in the Shenzhen community.  She brings with her a wealth of experience in NGO work and is a welcome addition to the Captivating team.  Bonnie takes on responsibility for marketing, communications and fund-raising for Asia.  Thanks for joining us Bonnie.  You can email Bonnie directly at bonnie@captivating.org.

Our last change, but certainly not our least relates to Lynn Velez.  Everyone in Shenzhen knows Lynn and her involvement with Captivating these last 5 years.  The Seng Girls Home project exists in its current state thanks largely to Lynn’s passion and ability to marshal together literally 100 volunteers and suppliers each year.  The Captivating Annual Charity Auction event in Shenzhen was started by Lynn and has now become an annual highlight in people’s social calendar each year thanks to her inspiring vision and leadership.  Over the past few months, Lynn and her family relocated to Hong Kong.  And although Lynn still remains involved in co-leading the Shenzhen Annual Charity, she is the type of person who always wants to do more.  We are thrilled to announce that Lynn Velez has accepted the role of Captivating’s (volunteer) Director of Development – Hong Kong, leading our fund-raising efforts in Hong Kong.  Lynn, thank you so much for everything you do for Captivating and the children we jointly take responsibility for.  Hong Kong is a new market for Captivating, so please email Lynn directly at lynn@captivating.org if you have any suggestions or want to get involved.

That’s it.  Another exciting year 5 years coming up for Captivating we think.  Thank you everyone for your continued support of our work, and for your trust and confidence in all that we do.

For the children.

(pictured:  Colquhoun family with Chloe the dog; Bonnie (left) with Andrew and Judene Irvine (Captivating Board member); Lynn Velez at the 2013 Shenzhen Charity Auction)


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