PIGS creating a future for 150 families

FAMILY PIG BUSINESSES are now bringing hope to Guide County in Qinghai Province. This Captivating project, in partnership with SHAMTSE, our Qinghai registered charity partner, has just been completed.  50 of the poorest families in the village of over 1,300 people are tonight sleeping with hope of a brighter and more secure tomorrow.  Each family has received a quality pigsty, quality breeding sow, and are in the process of receiving expert training and support on the latest pig-raising techniques. The aim of this program is to permanently improve household incomes by helping them develop a quality pig breeding program. There are other benefits: village sanitation will start to improve because all pigs are now kept in warm and tidy sties rather than living in the family home or roaming the village; money will be saved from buying market priced meat; and pig dung will from now on be easily collected in one place and used as fertilizer.

NO FREE GIFT:  This program comes with only one condition to the families – they must pass on the gift of a piglet to two other families.  This means that over the next 4 years another 100 families will have piglets passed on to them. In turn, many more children will benefit and more mothers will be able to generate income while looking after their children at home.

The project implementation started in late June and was completed end of July.  Training on pig raising is now being conducted for these families and they have just received their piglets. The recipients are very excited to have their own family sties and are very grateful to Captivating International and Shamtse for bringing a better life and future to them and their children. This project has been funded thanks to the 2014 Shenzhen Annual Captivating Charity Auction – see captivatinggala.com for more details of this event (next one coming up Oct 17).

For more information about this project, or to find out how you could partner with Captivating to bring lasting change to families in remote rural locations, contact andrewc@captivating.org


10 piglets and 1 very happy Mom

This mom in Qinghai, China, is very happy and busy. Thanks to the Pigs for Poverty Project, she now has 10 piglets to take care of and sell. Before receiving two sows, she had very limited income opportunities for her family. Now, everything is different. "I am expecting an income of around 10 thousand RMB for the coming year. Thank you very much for helping us. We are very grateful. Pigs keep us very busy but they are increasing our family income. I am so happy to raise them. With this extra income, my children's education will be able to continue. I will be always grateful."


"Hats off" to our awesome 2018 greenhouse supervisor

Mr Tredan [wearing the cowboy hat in the photo below] is the main supervisor for our current greenhouse construction program. He is a shy man but strongly believes in this program as an excellent way to significantly improve the livelihood of impoverished single moms in Qinghai, China. He was our key in the success of our 2017 Greenhouse Project and we have been grateful he was willing and happy to help out again during the 2018 project - a program that has brought hope to 131 families this past year. It was dusty work but the results were exciting as each Greenhouse started to take shape.


My dream of becoming a Pharmacist is coming true

My name is Drolma and I come from Qinghai Province. I’m nineteen this year and now a vocational school student majoring in pharmacy with another 10 girls from the Captivating Vocational Scholarship School Program. I have been out of school for four years, so I both excited about this chance but also nervous whether I am good enough to keep up after such a long break. 


30 women receive Assistant Chef training -

I am a single mom with 3 children. After the birth of our 3rd daughter I became barren and couldn't provide my husband with a son, so he left me. I have never been to school so I am unable to find work to support myself and my daughters. I want the best for my girls and I know it's not possible without a good education. I need to find work to be able to send my daughters to school. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the My First Job Assistant Chef program. I am learning skills that I am confident will be able to provide me with a good job. I am not property. My children are the most important thing to me. I am happy that I will be able to be independent and provide them with a good future. 


Pigs bring a bright future to Dolji and her daughter

Dolji is a 30 year old single mother and has a 4 year old daughter who is attending the village kindergarten. Dolji has a mental disability and she has never been to school herself. Because of this, she has never been married. She also does not know who her daughter's father is.


130 families have greenhouses

130 families have completed the construction of their greenhouses. This greenhouse [photo on the right] is newly built and belongs to three families.  They have just planted green papers, Chinese cabbage, carrot and onions. Everything is growing well even though it is very cold at the site currently. This is going to help these families to be able to grow fresh produce all year long.