The Problem

Our Solution


The Problem

Stopping girls at the Nepal border is crucial – it quite likely saves their lives. However, without a focus on PREVENTION activities, the trafficking of girls will continue. For every girl being intercepted at the border, many more are getting through control points and are lost to the world.

The problem is that girls continue to be trafficked because of one or more of the following factors:

  • Their extreme poverty – they are desperate to escape their current circumstances in the hope of earning money enough for themselves and for their families back home;
  • Dreams of fame and fortune – they see glamorous lives being lived in India and dream of Bollywood and other opportunities. Traffickers easily prey on this desire;
  • They are not aware of the trafficking dangers all around them – most perceive that this is not a problem that will impact them because they are careful. All girls are in shock and disbelief when they are intercepted and learn that they were likely in the very process of being sold.

If we look at each of these points, addressing extreme poverty is a key issue and is being addressed with other initiatives. The others are about PREVENTION strategies which include Education and Awareness. But, we’ve realized that seriously working to PREVENT the ongoing incidence and occurrence of trafficking activities is to educate young people about what trafficking is and how to protect themselves, their friends and their families – and in turn, become advocates themselves.

Welcome to the Hamro Abhiyan Anti-Trafficking Program – an ongoing campaign aimed at bringing awareness to school students to help stop the incidence of trafficking in their neighborhoods and districts.

Our Solution

The newly developed Hamro Abhiyan Anti-Trafficking program, a program fully funded by Captivating, is being implemented across schools located in impoverished communities where girls are considered to be at higher-risk of being trafficking targets. This program is very specific and intentional in content with the aim of having maximum retention of impact to the student. Its interactive format works perfectly in the school setting.

The Hamro Abhiyan program is highly acclaimed and won the 2019 “Asian Leadership Award” for most innovative idea.


500 schools have been identified as the target schools for this program, spread across 5 hot-spot trafficking regions of Nepal. In total this represents 175,000 students. Most of these students are from poor, lower class families and considered easier targets by traffickers due to poverty and desperation. EACH YEAR, 6,500 students will be handpicked from participating schools to complete the Hamro Abhiyan program (in total over 90 Hamro Abhiyan presentations will be made). These students will then be responsible for taking the message back to the rest of the school body covering an estimated 25,000 students per year. Handouts will be provided to each student for them to then take home to parents/siblings with the indirect impact of the program being in excess of 100,000.

The program will not only benefit school students. Hamro Abhiyan has also been endorsed by the government for roll-out to their police force and other associated department officials.


A dedicated team of trained anti-trafficking experts run the program which tackles 5 key points in the fight against trafficking. This is done in smaller module/group exercises including games and lots of interaction. Each group will consist of 15 students, and covers topics such as:

  • CAUSES – What are the major causes behind human trafficking and what they can do to safeguard themselves and their families from the likelihood of being trafficked.
  • CONSEQUENCES – What happens to a person when they are trafficked and how is their life impacted.
  • REHABILITATION – What happens to a survivor of trafficking. This station talks about creating a positive attitude towards the survivor rather than the traditional view of being shunned and cast out of the community.
  • MY BODY – What boundaries need to be adhered to and how can young people protect themselves.
  • CAUTION – When there is an awareness of the dangers of trafficking, there is now a duty to talk about it and share it with others. How does a person do that.

Rajendra (CEO and Founder of 3 Angels Nepal) receiving the Asian NGO Leadership Award for Best Prevention Idea. Congratulations to 3 Angels Nepal. We are proud to be part of this initiative. 



This program is quickly gaining popularity among school principals. One principal had this to say:

Poverty and geographical features in Nepal are often leading to trafficking. We need programs like this to equip our young people with knowledge to combat these problems. They are usually eager to share this with their friends and family which is widening the impact of this important information.”

It is hoped that the education and exposure of the Hamro Abhiyan Anti-Trafficking program will yield fruit in the form of fewer cases of girls being trafficked and, therefore, fewer girls needing to be intercepted at the border crossings. This is a long-term strategy but one about which we and the 3 Angels Nepal team feel excited and confident. Interception at the border is crucial because intercepting a girl before they cross the border may be their last chance – but we all need to work hard to see a future where significantly reduced incidences of girls being tricked into a terrible and potentially life ending situation takes place.

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Fully fund the Hamro Abhiyan program being run in an at-risk school (directly instruct 75 students, indirectly reach 350 students and their families) – US$525 / A$750

Full fund the Hamro Abhiyan program for a whole region (20 presentations, directly instruct 1,500 students, indirectly reach 7,000 students and their families) – US$10,500 / A$15,000

What You Will Receive:

  • A six monthly (donor only – Nov and May) update on the progress of this program
  • A six monthly update (Aug and Feb) on our total work in Nepal (including the Hamro Abhiyan Program)

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