Seng Girls and Dockpo feature on popular TV Show

“Wonderful China Saying ” is a Chinese lecturing competition series presented by Shandong Satellite TV Station. It began airing on April 4th 2015 at 21:20 every Sunday evening across China. Instead of the traditional model of talking, the lecturer is allowed to add short performances into their speech to make the show even more impacting and enjoyable. WCS is a great stage for Chinese people who have wonderful stories to share to take courage and speak of their dreams.

For the Seng Girls Home (the SGVTS) April 19th was a special and memorable day for a dozen of girls and “headmaster” Dockpo. Dressed in elegant traditional Tibetan clothing and being flown in from northwest Qinghai province to the east coast city of Jinan, Shandong province, selected girls and Dockpo presented the amazing story of the SGVTS. Even though everyone was very nervous and excited, they were able to use their moving voices and graceful dancing to tell the whole of China their stories and dreams.

Here was the story as presented: Dockpo was born in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Region. His father was a living Buddha and doctor and every day lots of people would come to worship him. When he was 21 years old he went to Boston doing business.  His life was pretty comfortable until one day he got news of his father’s sickness.  In the final hour of his life, his father told Dockpo to do a good deed to fulfil his life.


Dockpo knew that in remote Tibetan areas, people valued the boy only and there were lots of girls becoming orphans or street children. Some children would get up every morning at 4am to herd sheep and only have one meal to eat the whole day. When he saw them, his heart was deeply hurt. All these poor girls were like the Gesang flowers pressed under a thick snow. He decided to fulfil his life by helping these girls. He exhausted all he had and opened an orphanage – a home for girls.

Starting with 15 girls, Dockpo and his family tried his best to take care of each child despite the many difficulties he faced every day.  In 2006 the Seng Girls Vocational Training School & Home was established and girls registered (it now cares for 152 children).  Then, the Seng Girls Tibetan Opera Group was set up in 2010 with older girls starting to practice Tibetan dance. Now they have been dancing all the way from the snow-covered plateau to the capital city – Beijing.

Captivating International has been partnering with Seng Girls Vocational Training School & Home since 2009. Like Dockpo, we desire to see all girls who come from the poor of the poorest given a chance to grow and prosper. We are so grateful this project is receiving consistent support from donors and friends.  We are also hopeful that as this program starts gaining recognition throughout China through programs like “Wonderful China Saying”, more local support will start to flow. In the meantime, we work together to help these precious “Gesang flowers” grow more and more each day.


I am A Woman and I am Capable

My name is Tsedan and I am 29 years old. I missed out on going to school because my parents thought that boys are more important than girls. Now that I have my own family, I want my three children to be able to go to school - an opportunity that I didn’t have.


Making Her Children Proud

After her divorce, Drolgakyid has to raise her three lovely daughters on her own, as well as face the shame and pressure from her family.


Hope for Her Village

A village director from one of the towns in Western China learned about Captivating and the My First Job Program through one of our program coordinators. She expressed the need for the training to be conducted for the women in her village as people who don't own a land to till are hoping to find another way to support their family.


Living Her Dream

Yangkartso, 17, lives with his brother and mother. Her father died due to an accident at work when she was still a child. Her mother then sought jobs so she could continue supporting them and send them to school. However, when her brother fell ill, their family's financial difficulty increased and she had to drop out of school.


26 Women Ready for their Next Chapter

Thirty women aged 19 to 38 years old started in the Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program in May, most of them having limited educational background. But all of them share the same goal, that is, to learn a skill to live on, provide for their children's education, and uplift their family's situation.


New My First Job Program Commenced

On August 3, the third My First Job program this year was launched wherein 30 women were accommodated.