Seng Girls Dance into History in Qinghai – an article by Pema Lhamo (one of our Seng Girls)

We had a memorable and exciting dancing competition in DaWu, a big town in Qinghai during this summer holiday. It was a competition between six counties and we were the representative of Darlag, a county where our school is built. Having got such a valuable opportunity to show our school’s talents everybody in our school was very happy about it. Before going to DaWu, about 30 students of our school rehearsed in the square of Darlag for some days, and the day before we went to DaWu, we were all busy packing our stuffs for the big competition!

The government of Darlag was very supportive to our school that the functionaries drove us all the to DaWu in their own cars and when we finally arrived at night, they had already arranged hotels for us. It was quit late and we were all tired, so went to bed soon. Then during the following days, we got up early in the mornings and practice in a huge sports field where the competition was going to take place. By that time all other rivals had arrived as well, then we all practice each other’s performance all day long for 3 days.

Finally the main day had come and there were a large amount of people coming to watch the games with great excitements. We were much more surprised that day before the show had begun when we saw uncle Philip and his family (directors of LOVEQTRA) along with many other foreigners came to watch us performing far away from Xining, a city in Qinghai. At the beginning of the show, we were to perform our “horse dance” and while we were giving our show, the audiences shouted and clapped their hands with great enjoyments. Later that day, after the show had finished, anxiously we waited to hear the result. We were thrilled to learn we came in second place and of course, we jumped for joy when we heard the good news, because we knew that was a very important event for our school and plus, it was our first time to compete against five counties at a time in such a big game.

Captivating note: The event Pema talks about in this article has proved to be an important progression for the SGVTS program.  The school has now been officially recognized as the first GIRLS ONLY opera troupe approved to perform this special performance.  We are so excited for them and this development which, we hope, will open many doors of support for their work and program in the future.  Although they have always been in our minds, they are now, officially, famous.  🙂


Great Progress among Tailoring Skills Trainees

On May 1, 2021, the three-month Cenovus Tailoring Skills Program for Women in two regions officially began. The trainees have been taking their classes seriously and are helping each other a lot. We are proud to share the progress they have made in the past one and a half months.


My First Job Trainees Succeeds through Midterm Evaluation

The first My First Job Assistant Chef Program of 2021 for women in agricultural and pastoral areas in Qinghai Province officially opened in May 1. With the support and cooperation of teachers and local coordinators, the training has been going smoothly. Each of the women has her own learning style and pace, but everyone strives to improve each day. After one and a half months of training and practice, the women have learned 16 dishes in total. 

On June 14, the midterm evaluation for the trainees was conducted.


Strong Woman for Her Family

"I've never been to school due to our family's financial condition. Because of this, it's very difficult for me to find a stable job. My family depends on me that's why I need to be strong."


Strong Will to Study

Despite her good grades, it was still unlikely for Lhamo to proceed to college. Her mother had difficulty sending her to school so she decided to stay at home and help out with the household chores. 


Memorable Encounter between Trainees and Program Partner

My First Job Assistant Chef Program for 30 women officially starts today. These women, along with the program coordinator and Captivating staff, were also very happy to meet the six representatives from our program partner, Zuru.


Getting ready to learn an employable skill

30 underprivileged women in rural Western China are getting excited about their opportunity to attend the next My First Job Assistant Chef Training Program. This successful program will see them move from being "furthest from employment" to earning stable incomes - many for the first time in their lives.