Seng Girls Visit Shenzhen

Last month five Seng Girls, who are currently receiving English Vocational Training in Guangzhou, took a train to Shenzhen for a 3 week visit.  These five girls were picked to attend the English Vocational Training Program in Guangzhou because they scored the highest marks in English at the SGVTS.  They have now entered their second year of training and have made enormous progress in perfecting the English language both oral and written.  The purpose of the visit to Shenzhen was to immerse these girls in an English environment where they could practice what they’ve learned during their semester break.

The three weeks spent in Shenzhen were busy for these girls!   In the mornings volunteer English teachers spent 2 ½ hours a day teaching these beautiful girls English.  HUGE thanks to Veronica, Rita, Ryan and Bill for doing such as amazing job with these girls.  They LOVED these morning sessions.  After lunch they would attend computer lessons.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s they visited Quality International School (QSI) for more English training and also had the opportunity to help the QSI teachers prepare for their classes.  Each day the girls would go shopping so they could prepare and cook their own meals.  One of the goals of the 3 week stay was to improve their domestic skills and to help them get ready to raise themselves.   Two days each week they would attend family dinners at Captivating International volunteer’s houses were they would speak English and play games (thanks Lynn & Gus, Kelsey & Brian, Rita & Con).  The weekends were packed with many fun things for the visiting Seng girls.  Kelsey, from QSI, prepared lots of games and crafts with girls, Tracy escorted the girls up Nanshan Mountain, Abby & Ron took the girls to a volleyball tournament,  and Andrew and Julie prepared several nice walks and picnics.

During the time the Seng girls were in Shenzhen it was snowing back in Qinghai.  The SGVTS is still experiencing the heart of winter which will last till the end of April.  During the winter months at the SGVTS, when class is over, the girls play in the snow making snowman and having snowball fights.  It doesn’t seem to matter who you are, or where you live, people all over the world do the same things in the snow!

We would like to give a big “Thank You” to King Way Garment Factory and JIA RUI Company for donating much needed jackets, blankets and cold weather clothing to the SGTVS.  Due to their generous and thoughtful donation the 100 girls currently residing in Qinghai were able to stay warm during these cold winter months.

We at Captivating International want to thank all our volunteers and donors for their continuous support.  We value this support tremendously; it is the fuel, along with the smiles from the Seng girls, that keeps us going!

(pictured: Seng Girls at Seaworld; Girls at SGVTS; Girls at with one of their English Teachers – Veronica; Helping QSI students; with snowman; Cooking at Kelsey’s home; At QSI; Receiving blankets from donor).


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