SGVTS Year 6 Graduates – all the best for your final 6 months at the Girls Home!!

by Francine Zhang (Captivating Child Sponsorship Coordinator) and Andrew Colquhoun

Being a student in the prestigious Grade 6 class at the Seng Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS) is a really BIG DEAL. You see, Grade 6 is the final year of study offered by the SGVTS. After this a girl graduates and prepares for the next steps – somewhere in China. This is such a contrast to when a girl first comes into the program. She comes to SGVTS because she is found to have already missed out on most of her schooling and the prospect of ever starting school is nil. She arrives at SGVTS feeling inferior, alone, and inadequate of ever amounting to much. She looks at the girls in Grade 6, their final year in the SGVTS program and only dreams that one day that might be her. But, she quickly discounts it as being nothing more than a dream. Well – what a difference a few years can make.

Seeing a photo like the one below brings us so much joy at Captivating. We are thankful for so many things:
– Thankful to the hard work and determination of these girls who have started well behind their peers back in their home villages;
– Thankful to dedicated teachers who work hard to fast-track these girls through their schooling;
– Thankful to Dockpo and the team at LOVEQTRA for having a dream to make a difference for girls in their province;
– Thankful to generous sponsors who have seen a picture and story of a girl in this program and said, “This girl’s problem stops with me”;
– Thankful to a wonderful team of staff and volunteers at CAPTIVATING who work hard to fund this work.

We are passionate about one thing – giving girls like these the chance to make something significant of their lives. To bring them hope for a better tomorrow. They need us to step up and join them in their journey. TODAY you could invest in the life of one of these girls. It’s easy. As I write this, 15 girls, new in the SGVTS Program, need a sponsor – someone who will join the Captivating sponsorship family and ensure the SGVTS program can continue. INTERESTED? email for more details. US$40 month makes a huge difference. These girls are the product.

(Photo – Math teacher (lady in back row), Grade 6 teacher (man seated in blue jacket), English teacher (man in black jacket) and the grade 5 teacher (man on far left). Girls from left to right; Front row – Wang, Sali, Lha, Rubsal, Kunzang & Dorjee. Back row – Tra, Kunde, Trashi & Dabu (absent is Naimai))


We are Thrilled. Shenzhen, You are Amazing!

On behalf of the Shenzhen Charity Federation, thank you so much for being a part of our 12th year, last Saturday, October 17th, 2020.  And, once again, our thanks to the wonderful team at the Futian Shangri-la, Shenzhen.

Together, as a result of the generosity of everyone who attended, 1,000 lives (single moms, young women, and their children) will one day look back on 2020 as a turnaround year for them. A year of new beginnings and fortune.


A Thousand-Mile Trip

62 girls in our second cohort of Vocational School Scholarship Program graduates, completed their courses in July 2020. Most of these girls were only able to go to school up to grade 9, with many dropping out even earlier. The key reasons being financial difficulty, prejudice on the part of their parents not valuing education for girls, and varying family circumstances. Their dreams of a career and independence were gone. But thanks to the Vocational School Scholarship program, dreams are coming true again. Luma is one of our graduating girls and she shares her story.


New Journey for 30 Women

Could you imagine using a tape measure effectively if you didn’t know the numbers? Could you imagine using scissors for the first time and coordinating the cut? These are the challenges usually faced by women who have joined the Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women as most of them haven’t been to school. But it doesn’t stop them from working hard and learning all they can.


Perfect Example of What's Possible

Since the start of the year, Pigs for Poverty program has helped 54 families and are looking forward to helping 71 more families as the year continues. But another exciting news for us is that we have a very special lady joining us in this year's project as a trainer.


Dedicated Student and Role Model Mom

Although life in the countryside is free and happy, economic development here apparently cannot keep up with the rhythm outside, and the cultural gap is tremendous. The financial pressure is increasing every year, and sometimes life gets very difficult and confusing for me. I am Datintso. I am 22, and this is my story.


An Excellent Teacher in the Making

Tashi entered the Vocational School Scholarship Program in 2018, and took up Preschool Education as her chosen vocational study. Her family used to borrow money so she could study but it all became too difficult financially so she had to drop school in 2017 after she finished grade 8. She shares her experiences and dreams with us.