Sichuan Sapling project- Village Development

Since 2008, Captivating has started sapling projects in three villages of Sichuan and Gansu province.Recent inspection of our second village – Qingchuan County, Sichuan – showed better than expected results. We are excited about this wonderful progress. In this village, 107 families received a total of 13,000 high quality grafted walnut trees planted in March 2009. Results show that more than 85% of the trees have survived their first winter (a high-risk period for new saplings – we budget on 70% surviving). These young trees are growing well and are expected to yield their first marketable fruit on-schedule in 2015.

Most of the families in this village lost their homes during the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Since then, their homes have been rebuilt thanks to a partnership between the Chinese Government and World Vision International. Captivating’s role is to help these families create sustainable farm-generated income that will help end poverty for them and their reliance on working as migrants in city locations – a decision that separates family units. At this current moment, more than 90% of the village families rely on income from a father or mother (or both) who move to the cities in search of work. Most of the children are living with grandparents or single parents.

Thank you for all of your generous support of this project.

(Pictured: Two of the children now living with hope of a better tomorrow; The village leader standing next to a Captivating Sapling on track for maturation in 2015).



Our Sapling Project - Sichuan and Gansu Provinces

Since 2008 we have been planting Plum and Walnut Saplings in rural mountainous locations of Sichuan and Gansu Provinces. Participant families receive up to 100 high yielding, specially grafted saplings, along with several years of technical training and support to see these trees mature over a period of up to 5 years.


Our Captivating Village Development Program

March saw the commencement of our 2011 Village Development program.  With a focus on introducing high quality grafted Walnut saplings as a sustainable village development initiative, multiple families in Southern Gansu put their hands up to be the first to pilot this initiative.  Critical to the success of the walnuts is a successful transition from nursery to the mountainside.  Already it...


Captivating's Sapling program - Southern Gansu, April 2011.

Help us end poverty for the poorest of the poor villages in Southern Gansu. Together we can make it possible for up to 500 families to receive walnut saplings and other cash crops that will enable them to progressively rise above the poverty line. We start planting trees in April 2011 and then again in September. US$200 is all it takes to...


GOAL: 1,000 children on their way to a poverty free future

We can start 1,000 children on their way to a poverty free future...can you help? Following the success of our poverty reduction program in the earthquake damaged remote region of Sichuan Province, China, 500 children are now on their journey towards a poverty-free future thanks to ongoing income that will come from their very own Walnut Plantations. Now we...