SOLAR PANELS lighting up the lives of children in remote Qinghai

Captivating Solar Panel Project has once again rolled out in Western China. This year 59 families living in high and cold environments benefited from receiving solar panels. Prior to the panels being installed, their supply of electricity was inconsistent and costly. Mornings mostly consisted of milking the yaks in the dark. Cooking, eating, reading and writing was either done in the dark or by candle light. But now – things are so different.

These solar panels provide many benefits for a family: children can study longer at night with good lighting without toxic fumes or straining eyes; families can conveniently boil water resulting in improved hydration and hygiene; women and children will now save several hours a week not having to collect so much wood/sticks to build fires to boil water or cook food; and it’s now safer for activities to happen after dark because of access to better light.

Gangsta Solar Panels 2015 (19)You can see in these photos the difference proper lighting makes. You might also notice that although there is sufficient light, the children are still used to having their eyes very close to the page to see – something that will now improve.  One comment from a mom said, “Tonight, when I turn on the light switch and cook dinner on my electric stove, I am grateful for stable electricity and for a bright environment for my children to learn and grow”.

Our thanks to the Shenzhen Captivating Annual Charity Auction for funding much of this project. Our thanks also to Rob and several other employees from APPLE who got behind this work. Rob, not only do we appreciate your financial support, but also your assistance is helping CAPTIVATING become an approved gift matching charity recipient of APPLE Inc.

If you would like to fund your very own project with Captivating, contact He’d love to hear from you and has a long list of project possibilities aimed at bringing hope to children in need of your help. 

If you’re an Apple employee and would like to learn more about Captivating and our projects, we’d love to hear from you. 


Kidz With Heart - One Amazing Day! Photo Gallery

Shenzhen International School (SIS) Jingshan Villa, Shekou was once again fulled with a buzz of action, high-5's and passionate kids on Saturday March 17, as Captivating in conjunction with the Shenzhen Charity Federation, ran the first of two Mini Olympic events for the 7th year.


Pigs bring hope to single mom and her 3 children

Dangzhicuo was one of 70 single moms who each received 2 piglets in December 2017. 30 more families will be helped in the coming months. In addition to the piglets, they are receiving training and support on how to breed piglets and establish their own pig breeding program as part of Captivating's Pigs for Poverty  project.


Drolmajyid is one of 150 women who received life-changing help

Drolmajyid is a single mother of 3 children. She is 35 years old and has never been to school. Her 2 sons are going to to school however she isn't able to send all her children to school so her 8 year old daughter is not attending school.


Pink, perky and perfect for a poverty free future

On December 24, 70 families (mostly single mother households) started to receive support to either start or expand their own pig business - a program that will progressively make poverty history for them and their children. This firmly placed "hope" on the horizon.


72 girls are back in school and progressing well - thank you sponsors!

72 girls from various remote village locations of Western China are now back in school (and doing well) thanks to generous sponsors and a wonderful support charity called SHAMTSE. Each one of these girls had already dropped prematurely from school due to varying situations with all of them mourning the end of their dream of a higher education. Well, dreams can still come true it would seem.


Girls Just Like Me

Getting a chance to visit and chat to the My First Job girls was such a special and rewarding experience for me. Hearing first hand stories of girls needing to leave school at grade 3 because of family needs, domestic abuse, being severely burnt by a stepfather and never wanting to show your face in public, coping with single motherhood living in tents on the grassland with no food to supply your children was heart breaking.