Thank you Shenzhen!

As the dust settles on our 10th Annual Captivating Charity Auction, we are left with nothing but gratitude and praise for the amazing community we are lucky to be surrounded by. Shenzhen, you were amazing.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support of our 10th year in China. Saturday night, 13th October, will be remembered by us as for a long time – a night of grace, emotion, laughter, excitement, astonishment and exceeding generosity. Together, you raised RMB1.4million, helping Captivating in partnership with the Shenzhen Charity Federation, Shamtse Charity and LOVEQTRA, to seal the deal on impacting the lives of close to 1,000 girls this calendar year. SHENZHEN, YOU DID IT. 

Having set an aggressive aim of raising RMB1.5 millions, we only dreamed we could get this close. In the process, over the coming 12 months (some starting within a matter of weeks):

100 single moms will start with own pig business

100 families will own their own greenhouse

400 children will be more secure in their schooling

427 women will attend health training

46 girls will start vocational schooling

80 girls will continue to be supported at the Seng Girls Home.

To all of our event organizers, our precious and beloved auction committee and 180 volunteersour amazing school communityour incredible entertainers (wow), the many companies who donated goods for auction, awesome MCs (go Tyler & Simon) and auctioneer, our incredibly generous corporate sponsors, and of course close to 600 guests  – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.  We can’t believe how fortunate we are to have your support.

We look forward to updating you over the coming year on how these projects go. Be sure to keep an eye on our website and regular project updates.

As I sign off I have one last thank-you.  To our AMAZING team at the Shenzhen Captivating office. Your commitment, efficiency, event management and problem solving skills are, as one key sponsor described it, “a well oiled machine“. You can feel SO PROUD of all you have achieved for the girls who cross our Captivating path. I know I speak on behalf of Julie, Lynn Velez, and our board when I say how blessed we are to have such a team. We believe that the 10th Annual Charity Auction was OUR BEST EVER.  Well done. Congratulations. Thanks for capping of 10 years in style.

Bring on number 11. We hope you enjoy of event gallery of special auction moments.

Andrew Colquhoun
Co-Founder & CEO

Captivating Gala 2018 – Photo Gallery



153 women received health checks

Over 400 people attended the most recent Healthy Village Project in a remote area of Western China. 153 women received health checks. For many, it was their very first, much needed Doctor's checkup. Rigjyid is one of the women who came along to the program in her village and this is her story.


A future in tailoring for 30 women

After lots of planning and preparation, we are thrilled to communicate the commencement of a new program in Qinghai Province, China in partnership with the amazing HUSKY ENERGY. Thanks to Husky Energy (donor), Shamtse Charity (implementing partner), and the Shenzhen Charity Federation CAPTIVATING Fund, 30 young women and single-moms are now one-week into their 6 month full-time vocational skills training program - a program that aims to eventually transition all successful graduates into paid employment as professional tailors.


Nursing Internship

“This is the life that I have been dreaming about for years and I never thought my dream would come true. I know that I would have no chance without your support over the past 2 years. I am always grateful for your support and trust. Thank you!”


A dream I didn't dare to dream

Right now, the Captivating Healthy Village Project is visiting remote villages and communities through Western China. This project is two-fold; 1) Much needed medical help is brought to these poor, remote locations,  2) Single mothers trapped in poverty and girls who are no longer in school are being discovered. This brings a wonderful opportunity to help in an even greater capacity. Here is a story of one mother who received greater help than she even dared to dream.


Thank you for coming to my village

Kamogal, 48 years old and a single mother of 19 year old son. She has never been to school and neither has her son. They have been struggling to make a life and farming has been the only source of income for the family. She has been sick for long time and has only been able to visit a doctor once for some treatment because they can't afford the medical costs.


Thank you again Midnight Charity Runners

Thank-you Greg Schultheis, so many volunteers, corporate sponsors and runners. In total, an amazing RMB225,000 / US$32,500 was received through generous support being made to the Shenzhen Charity Federation Captivating Fund and also directly to Captivating International in Hong Kong.