Thank you to an anonymous donor

The Seng Girls Vocational School and Home (SGVTS) has had some recent additions. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the school was able to purchase some blackboards, a table-tennis table as well as a projector. The girls have written a letter, thanking this kind and generous person.

DSC_0011“There are 6 grades (classrooms) in our school. In some of the classrooms the blackboards are broken and the teacher has to use a tiny little board to write on. The little boards are not big enough the teacher had to keep cleaning the board to add new writing and the students who sit at the back rows can’t see the writing clearly. The new boards will be so good for our classrooms. After class we also like to go to the front and practice the new words on the black-boards.

The table-tennis table is placed in the playground. We like playing there during the class breaks and after school. At the beginning, most of us didn’t know how to play, throwing the ball very far as if we were playing badminton. A teacher saw this and showed us the right way, some classmates have learned it very quickly. Some junior grades also want to play, but they are too short to reach the table. Before this, the only sports we did were rope jumping and shuttlecock kicking. This new equipment really is a very popular addition.

DSC_0013We’ve never seen a projector before. We’ve heard it can be used for playing movies as well as studying, like a big computer. Some classmates are holding their doubt—how could such a small thing be so multi-functional, our teacher must be exaggerating! We can’t wait to use it, to see if it’s really so magical.

Dear donor, thank you so much for your donation. This is very helpful to improve the quality of the school teaching and our lives. We may not know you in person, but from so far away we still can feel the warmth and care that you give. Because of you, there are more and more girls like us are able to have the opportunities to accept the high quality education, and to serve society in the future”.  – this story was written by Serr Tso after talking with several of the girls. Serr Tso was herself once a Seng Girl in the program, but now assists Dockpo fulltime with administrative duties as well as helping to provide Captivating with stories, updates, and progress reports for child sponsors.  Great story Serr Tso!).  


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