The Seng Girls’ Home Backpack Project – Implemented by Shekou International School (SIS)

Last December each individual girl at the Seng Girls’ Training School and Home (SGVTS) received a backpack full of love.  Included inside each backpack were new clothes, school supplies and toiletries.  The SIS students started the project in September 2011.  They had a goal to prepare backpacks for the 112 Seng girls who resided at the SGVTS.  In order for the students to reach this goal the SIS Bayside students needed to raise US$5,750 in just a few weeks’ time and they could only do so outside of school time!

The students planned, organized and implemented their ideas to raise funds.  Some of the community based activities they planed were:  a carnival, a flash mob, socials, sports events, movie and game nights, babysitting services and bake sales.  You won’t believe this but the students exceeded their goal and raised US$6,000!

SIS has built its relationship with the Seng Girls’ Training School and Home in various ways throughout the past few years.  They have a donation box in their building and have sponsored a SGVTS child.  Each year they are very involved in the annual charity auction held on behalf of the Seng girls by organizing fun activities for the Seng girls to do while visiting from Qinghai.  SIS also provides transportation for the guests attending the SGVTS Annual Charity Auction.

What a huge challenge it was for the SIS Bayside students to meet their goal but they did it!  Captivating International would like to thank each and every SIS student, parent and community member that helped to support their fundraising efforts.  It is important to teach our youth the art of “Service Learning”.  We thank SIS for their continuous effort in doing so as well as the many other schools and organizations locally and internationally that are instilling the value of helping others in our youth.

We would also like to thank Whalen Furniture Manufacturing Inc. for organizing and paying for the costs associated with transporting the backpacks to the girls’ home.  Because of all our supporters we can help more and more girls, and let them to reach out for a better tomorrow.

(pictured: the SIS student leaders who worked tirelessly to direct and manage this wonderful project; SIS students collecting money; Qinghai Seng Girls receiving their individualized back-pack from SIS; excited girls checking out their surprise contents and personal gifts).


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