The Wonderful Seng Girl’s Vocational Training School & Home (SGVTS) Now caring for 120 girls…

This project continues to shine and it is such a joy to partner with and support LOVEQTRA, the Chinese approved agency that started this program.  This project is achieving amazing things for girls from the remote Qinghai Province.  It operates with the full support of the Qinghai government who has been so supportive of this program from the start.

As of now, the Seng Girls Vocational Training School and Home (SGVTS) is at capacity with 100 girls living and going to school on site.  In addition, 20 girls have relocated from the SGVTS to start intensive language schooling or vocational development programs in other areas of China (Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong).  Our desire is to see more girls progressively move away from the SGVTS and join these vocational development initiatives as they are put in place.  These programs are all about what is best for the girls.  As more girls move to these outside vocational programs, this frees up spaces for new qualifying girls to join the SGVTS.  Because of this strategy, today the SGVTS program supports a total of 120 girls.

The SGVTS is a big budget program for Captivating and one that could not continue if it were not for the incredible efforts of donors, child sponsors, and volunteers.  Lynn Velez, pictured below, leads this program for Captivating and, along with her growing team of volunteers, are simply AMAZING.  October 2010 saw 450 guests dress up in evening wear to support this program.  Our annual charity auction is considered to be the biggest foreign “Party of the Year” in Shenzhen.  The proceeds from this event, along with child sponsorship and other SGVTS donations make it possible for us to ensure we can meet the operating and development budgets of the SGVTS.  Critical to this mix is Whalen Manufacturing Inc and some of its executives (pictured below) and staff.  In 2010 Whalen supported a staggering 30% of our total budget, enabling us to achieve everything on our wish list for the SGVTS when combined with all other donors, child sponsors and supporters.  Their continuous support and commitment to this project gives all of us the energy and enthusiasm to move aggressively ahead each year.  Thank you and everyone for your generosity.

SAVE THE DATE:  October 22, 2011 – Our next Charity Auction in Shenzhen.


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(Pictured: Lynn receiving special artwork and thanks by Yeshe Tsomo at the Charity Auction; While in Shenzhen, the girls danced and sang for QSI & SIS international schools as well as thrilling guests at the Auction event; “Uncle” Dockpo was the man who started this project in 2005. He come to Shenzhen for the Auction last year with 17 of the girls;


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