Working at Captivating – an Intern’s Perspective

Kanishka, a university graduate from Australia, recently interned with Captivating. We were so privileged to have her in our Shenzhen office for 3 weeks. Thank you Kanishka for your time and energy. We wish you all the very best for the future in all your endeavours. Please read Kanishka’s letter below about her experience with Captivating.  (Pictured left to right – Vivian, Tracy, Kanishka, Emily & Chris).

On the 23rd of July 2015 I left the cold and wintery capital of Australia in anticipation for a hot, humid city called Shenzhen. I had just graduated from the Australian National University with my BA in International Relations and Political Science and I was eager to explore the world. I had not heard of Shenzhen until a few months prior to my arrival. I had heard about the famous cities of Beijing and Shanghai so I was curious to discover more about this city referred as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China. I was welcomed on my first day with torrential rain, extreme humidity and mosquito bites. It was at this point I said to myself, what I have got myself into. Shenzhen easily changed my initial shock to a different culture. In the days after my arrival, I could already tell I was going to be sad leaving this amazing city. 

One of the biggest influences on this positive experience was my internship company, Captivating International. I came to Shenzhen knowing little about Captivating, however I return home with a new outlook on the potential for development and change and a restored faith in humanity. My initial research gave me a sound idea about the work they did in the region. Their primary mission is working with registered on-the-ground charity partners helping to elevate children and their families above the poverty line. I could tell that this was a special company to be a part of.

On my first day, the nerves of starting a new job kicked in. I wondered how I could contribute to such a cause. When I arrived at Captivating I met my supervisor for the next month, Tracy. She welcomed me with a huge smile on her face and I immediately felt a connection to Captivating. She introduced me to the rest of the Shenzhen team, where I was greeted by the lovely Emily, Vivian, Francine and Chris. After meeting the team I could already feel the personal investment that they all had to continue the success and growth of Captivating. On my first day I worked with Francine, editing the stories of young girls in Qinghai. Through these stories I was exposed to how Captivating has positively changed the lives of so many children.  

As an intern sitting behind a desk, reading these stories made me want to go out and meet these children, teachers and on-the-ground support workers who are evidently the gears of Captivating. This is clearly changing their lives and giving them a chance for a prosperous future – Captivating has truly been inspirational to me.

Whilst working in the Shenzhen office, I met Pema who was taken in by the Seng Girls School at the age of 13. She comes from the Sichuan province where her family operates a small farm producing milk, butter, cheese and yoghurt. She described to me that without the cooperation of her school principle in Qinghai, Uncle Dockpo, and “Aunty Julie and Uncle Andrew” from Captivating, she wouldn’t have an opportunity to live in a big city, and receive such wonderful advanced education opportunities like she now has.  Pema aspires to be a journalist one day – something that was hardly even a dream a few years ago. She says that ‘without the support, dedication and existence of Captivating, she would not be in Shenzhen pursuing her dreams’. This is just a single story of change and opportunity that Captivating strives so hard towards.

Australia is a country where girls and women are independent and surrounded by many opportunities. Everyone here, regardless of personal circumstance, have the ability to make choices.  To hear and read about such unique stories of girls that have few choices because of family or environment, makes me appreciate the privileges that I take for granted, the strong support of my family and the opportunities given to me. Captivating has given me a real eye-opening experience.

In addition to funding individuals, Captivating hosts a number of fundraising events including the Kidz with Heart Mini Olympics, the HUGE Shenzhen based Annual Charity Auction, the Midnight Charity Race, and the Nanshan Challenge. These funds go to many areas including solutions for sustainable development, foster family support, school scholarships and emergency relief. The level of effort that goes into planning these events is for the primary purpose of continuing to make the world a better place for young women and children. Andrew, Julie, the entire team, and close to 200 volunteers work together effortlessly to ensure that they can keep creating change and making the lives of young women and girls substantially more opportunistic. Thanks to them, Captivating has demonstrated to me its capacity to make real change in the world. 

I would like to thank everyone so much for allowing me into the Captivating family. You have made my China internship experience so incredibly memorable and I hope to see you all again. Thank you for all your efforts in the work that you do. You make this world a better place for people to live in.



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