Yeshe’s Journey To Independence

Congratulations Yeshe – You’re the first Seng Girl to become fully independent. Yeshe was one of the original Seng Girls, and was born in 1993. As a young girl she was always described as being ‘straight as an arrow’ – a quality she still holds to this day. She lived with her parents and 5 siblings (2 boys, 3 girls) in the remote grassland area. Her mother suffered from severe chronic back and body pain and was completely incapable of working. She had seen many doctors and lamas who had no remedy. Her father cared for their herd of 40 yaks, but their income was not enough to support the family and her mother’s medical condition, let alone the education for the children. As the oldest child and being a girl Yeshe was expected to serve her parents and her siblings, cook, do household chores, milk the yaks and collect their dung. Year by year, Yeshe missed out the opportunity of going to school.

aliceIn 2005 the Seng Girls Vocational Training School learned of Yeshe’s situation and accepted her as a boarding student. At the age of 12 her schooling dream finally began. After finishing six years of primary schooling Yeshe came to GuangDong province learning intensive English, Chinese and computer skills. She was industrious and never gave up her dreams. Because of her good English skills Yeshe was offered a wonderful job at Coyote’s, a Shenzhen based Mexican Restaurant, in 2014. Still partly assisted throughout this time on a monthly basis by Captivating and her sponsor, Yeshe recently moved to receiving no financial support and has been successfully caring for her own costs these past several months. We are so excited for her.

Ten years of study has transformed Yeshe to be a confident, well-disciplined and independent young lady. She smiles whenever she thinks about her life. We look at early pictures of Yeshe and then see the sparkling girl in recent photos, and are amazed.

Captivating exists to help children just like Yeshe who, through no fault of their own, are missing out on basic opportunities.

We want to see them have their time in the sun – have a chance to shine and reach out for a better tomorrow. We are so proud of Yeshe and want to give our heartfelt appreciation to her faithful sponsor, Mrs. Sharlene M who had been supporting our SGVTS Captivating child sponsorship program for over six years. Your investment has made a huge difference in your sponsored girls’ life.

Captivating International is partnering with LOVEQTRA – a Qinghai registered organization who established and continue to run the Seng Girls Vocational Training School (SGVTS). We thank all supporters of this project.


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