Starting Small Businesses to Uplift Women

There’s nothing quite like being able to grow something from scratch. We are so blessed to witness the lives of these women who have taken the challenge of starting their own businesses to save up and to earn little by little for their livelihood.

From raising quails, to selling softdrinks, and to setting up their sari-sari stores, these Filipinas have embodied strength and resilience through trying times. Imagine being able to do all these during a pandemic! We applaud your efforts Jenelyn, Leni, and Melvin!

Jenelyn decided to join our field partner’s HONOR microfinance program because of the encouraging stories shared to her. It was specifically the low interest rates and weekly devotion that caught her eye. Her business is supplying soft drinks to other businesses. During the pandemic, her business also experienced decrease in demand that meant a decrease of her income as well. But she continued to persevere in getting orders knowing that her son is still in school. She is thankful that with the ease of restrictions, demand is also increasing again. We are also encouraged to see Jenelyn and how she is saving diligently. It is the program’s goal to not just help moms with loan capital but also to instill in them the habit of saving. Because of this, Jenelyn has saved a little more than PHP 8,500 already!

Leni owns a small sari sari store — up in the mountains. This is where she and her five children lives. Because there are only a few stores in their area, her stable income has allowed her to transform their home to concrete. Leni’s dedication can be seen as she crosses rivers, with her stocks in hand, to reach her store. She is grateful to have found HONOR that caters not only to the businesses in their town center, but also to small businesses in the mountains. By supporting Leni, we are not only serving her family, but also her community that they are able to purchase their necessities closer to home.

Here is Melvin receiving her very first HONOR loan. Her business is quail raising where she sells both the eggs and chicks. She shares that before the pandemic, she was selling rugs and used clothes but due to the low demand, she needed to start a new business that would provide a more stable income. She researched on quail raising and even studied how to market it. She started on 100 eggs and she was very happy with how it all sold out once she posted it for sale. After this, orders came and she needed help with more capital. This is how she found our program. Her neighbor and friend is part of our HONOR microfinance and has shared with her the benefits of low interest and good management. With this, Melvin also went through our application process and is now part of our program! We are here for mothers like Melvin who are looking for partners in their growth!

Help More Filipinos Break Away from the Cycle of Poverty

With your support of AU$385/US$270, we will be able to provide a Filipino mom with a small business loan. Click on the links below to know more.


Our Partners



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