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Laying the Groundwork

Last month, our co-founders Andrew and Julie Colquhoun went to Nepal to visit our current projects and partners in the region. They spent time with the girls that they have helped to get back to school through fifteen Captivating Village programs, and also checked the school where they will be attending. They also visited the rescued trafficking victims who are currently rehabilitating in our Women’s Safe Haven. Some of them are employed as monitoring officers at our border stations, while others are helped in starting their own small businesses through our My Business, My Freedom program. Despite the challenges of reaching the villages, with roads being rough and altitude high, they were able to connect with the women who have previously received assistance through our microfinance groups.

An Australian man with Nepali teacher and students smiling at the camera


They also made an ocular visit to a potential village development project site at the base of the Himalayas, which will be focused on improving overall health, education, and sustainability for 150 struggling families in one of the poorest villages in the municipality.


We appreciate the opportunity to be involved with everyone in our projects, which is a significant source of hope and healing. The support of the local government, community educators, and field partners made the transformative programs undertaken by Captivating possible. Meeting all of them in person makes the work all the more important and continues to inspire us to do more!



A Step Towards Breaking the Cycle

We are happy to announce that Captivating International, with its Philippine field partner HONOR 1000, is launching a project to assist 200 underprivileged children in Manila slum communities. For the first batch, we selected 70 beneficiaries to receive educational assistance based on criteria such as income level, age, and family status. It was confirmed with the local leaders and community child protection department that these are indeed the families who are having difficulty sending their children to school and thus resorted to begging.

During the distribution of the educational aid, parents of the first batch of beneficiaries arrived and committed to prioritizing sending their children to school instead of begging. The support of government officials in the slum community was also established during the meeting. We will also collaborate with the schools to monitor the performance and attendance of the sponsored children.

Filipino parents filling up their information at a registration booth

A Filipino woman conducting a meeting with parents

HONOR 1000 expresses its gratitude to Captivating International for initiating this project. With the thorough involvement of the parents, local officials, and the rest of the community, we can ensure that the aid goes to those who need it and create the most significant impact on the children's lives.

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Breaking Barriers

March is a month when we celebrate women's contributions, achievements, and impact on society throughout history. It is an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate the meaningful roles that women have played and continue to play in shaping our world.

This is a time not only to recognize the historical achievements of women but also to celebrate the incredible work women do today. Women are making significant contributions to science, technology, medicine, politics, education, and many other fields.

Two women performing a science experiment

Four women of different races conducting a meeting


Three women of different races posing for the camera

Let's continue to celebrate the beauty of womanhood, their stories, and their impact throughout history and beyond. Happy International Women's Day!


Threads of Life

Barkha (name changed for privacy) was rescued in 2022 and taken to Women’s Safe Haven (WSH), a safe place run by our implementing partner, 3 Angels Nepal. WSH provides shelter, counseling, and support to women in desperate need. As part of her rehabilitation here, she has completed the initial tailoring course, allowing her to gain the ability to provide for herself once she is ready to reenter the community. Currently, she is learning how to make baby clothes, tote bags, fiber blankets, cushions, and pillows using industrial sewing machines. Her trainer Mrs. Kamala has said that she is doing great so far!

A Nepali girl using a sewing machine while her trainer observes










A Nepali girl holding a pillow that she had sewn



She is thankful for the opportunity to change her fate and become independent. We are proud of Barkha's journey and confident in her bright future. With the skills she acquired and the support of Captivating, she is well on her way to a successful and fulfilling life.




Your support of USD 100 will fund the interception of a person at the border. If you are a company or an organization, for USD 8,500 you could fund an entire monitoring station for a year. Click on the links below to know more.


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Queen of Our Hearts

He Zhenzhen is a veteran volunteer teacher from Yongzhou, Hunan Province. It is her seventh semester of teaching, and she is currently the principal of Ga Le Aimu Primary School. She is responsible for teaching the Chinese language to the Grade 3 students and is the head teacher of that class. She has been teaching this class since they were preschoolers. 

Her fellow teacher nicknamed her "Queen" due to an online course where her name was “Tathagata”, which did not sit very well with her. Although it started as a joke, it stuck.

A Chinese woman looking at a piece of paper

Teacher He is a responsible and efficient teacher, being focused and rigorous in her work while maintaining a lively and friendly demeanor after class. Her “magic” laughter is a familiar sound on campus, and she is well-loved by all.

Being able to go to school and get an education is important for the future of these children. They live a very simple and basic life and work very hard to support their daily needs. When they have teachers at school who believe in them and help them see their full potential, it makes all the difference.



Thank you to ZURU for underwriting this project.


All in a Day's Work

We are happy to announce that our field partner in the Philippines, Honor 1000, conducted four separate Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) awareness campaign seminars in Metro Manila and Region III - all on the same day!  

The event catered to 100 parents and 1,578 students. Almost 70% of them did not know of OSEC before and weren’t aware of how much this crime affects children in the country. The parents were then taught practical steps to protect their kids from perpetrators on the internet. After hearing these tips, they eagerly got their phones, explored privacy steps, and discussed household rules they would start implementing.

A Filipino woman on a stage discussing in front of elementary students inside a covered court    A Filipino woman speaking to parents seated in a room

A Filipino girl using a microphone to ask her question to the presenter


We are very grateful and proud of our advocates, educators, and parents that are eager and committed to protecting children from exploitation. Together we can make a difference and help make the online world a safer place.


Help us continue the fight against human trafficking and online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Click on the links below.


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Giggles and Smiles

The biggest gifts of life really do come in the smallest packages!

The Captivating team would like to give warm wishes and congratulations to Meirong and to Joy, who each had their sweet babies born last December. Meirong is in charge of Accounting in our Shenzhen, China office since 2021, while Joy is a Communications Assistant in our Philippines office since 2022. We appreciate you both for handling your valuable role as mothers while balancing that with your work at Captivating. We're excited for the new memories you'll have with your families and share in the glow of your new adventure!

[caption id="attachment_23032" align="alignleft" width="322"]A smiling Chinese woman sitting on a chair while holding her baby boy Meirong and her baby boy[/caption]

A baby wrapped in a blanket beside a stuffed panda

[caption id="attachment_23050" align="alignleft" width="322"]A smiling Filipino woman with her newborn baby Joy and her baby[/caption]

A Filipino woman smiling at her baby



Students Becoming Agents of Change

Our Hamro Abhiyan Anti-Trafficking Program team completed an event at the Shuvatara 3 Angels Mission School in Pokhara, with more than 70 students from Grades 9 and 10 becoming new advocates against human trafficking. 

As education is a powerful weapon for change, students can also be an integral part of this change. But for this to happen, they must first learn the indicators of the crime, as well as how to respond when someone is an apparent victim. With the help of our partner, 3 Angels Nepal, this program is educating the youth on the signs of trafficking that they can see and report, so they themselves can rise up to equip and empower their own communities.

Nepali students listening to the discussion of male presenterFive Nepali students looking at a presentation board


Nepali students posing for a picture with the program presenters

If you would like to support this initiative, just click on the links below to sponsor or donate.


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