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Almost Married, Now Back in School

Captivating Village Project is our newest project and is all about educating girls and empowering communities in remote Nepal.

So far, 151 girls are back in school. These girls were not in school because of poverty, or families not seeing the importance of girls’ education but rather getting them married at young ages instead.

Anamika was born into a poor family with three other sisters. Due to poverty, her parents were getting ready to send their four young daughters to be married (even though they are under the legal age for marriage). The parents’ traditional cultural belief is that girls are born to be sent to their husband’s house rather than stay with their parents.

Despite Anamika’s strong desire to go to school, her parents refused to let her go. When our staff sat down to talk with her parents, they started to understand the importance of education for their daughter and how marrying her at a young age was not a safe or right thing to do.

Now, at the age of 12, she is back in school in grade 4. Her dream of education is coming true. Our team will be there to support her and her parents through the schooling process, while also mentoring Anamika with her learning and future dreams.



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Happy to be Reunited

After the court’s decision on the OSEC case of Rachel, May and Kat (names changed for their privacy), our field partner in the Philippines, HONOR 1000, immediately worked on the final procedures of their reintegration from the Blessed House to the community.

We made sure to coordinate with local leaders so they can assist us in monitoring the safety and continued development of these young women. Rachel, May and Kat are now in the care of their aunt and uncle. They were all so happy to be reunited!

It is through these victories that we are reminded of the value of what we do. More than rescuing these women from human trafficking, we are happy to help bring them to a place of healing and restoration.

Help support the girls at the Blessed House through the rehabilitation process, and bring restoration for a full and independent life back in the community.

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Hardworking Mom Doubles her Income (PH MP SEPT)

Meet Nina, a hardworking wife and mother of four who owns a small sari-sari store up in the mountains. She joined our Microfinance program in the Philippines in 2021. Then, with the loan that she availed from us, she added cold drinks and rice grain to her store.

With this, she was able to more than double her income within 12 months. With four kids that still need education and food under her roof, Nina is determined to continue growing her business. Because they live in a mountain area, loyal customers are key to her business. She observes what her community would need next and is smart in investing in these products.

Nina also knows with the importance of building her savings. So in just one year, she was able to save almost PHP 4,700 with us (94 USD). We are inspired by mothers like Nina and are grateful for donors and sponsors who enables us to reach and touch the lives of people like her.




Help More Filipinos Break Away from the Cycle of Poverty

With your support of AU$385/US$270, we will be able to provide a Filipino mom with a small business loan. Click on the links below to know more.


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National Anti-Human Trafficking Day in Nepal

We just celebrated National Anti-Human Trafficking Day in Nepal on September 5. Our dedicated team in Nepal went to different schools to run the Hamro Abhiyan Anti-humn Trafficking Program to increase awareness and educate the youth on the dangers of human trafficking.

A total of 190 students and community members participated in the Anti-Human Trafficking awareness programs facilitated by our team in Nepal, and  hundreds more were involved in public rallies.

We are happy with the progress that our team is making in the schools across Nepal to fight against human trafficking.

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If you wish to know more or be a part of this project, click on the buttons below or contact us directly at info@captivating.org.


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The Reason I Stayed

I am Teacher Yang and I teach Grade 5 students in a remote school in China's mountainous regions.

On the last day of school, two of my grade 5 students wandered through the school gate. They made their way to the gate of the teachers’ dormitory and were found by another teacher who asked what was wrong.

I heard sounds and went out. They took out a letter, two pages in length, with a big heart drawn on it. The letter thanked me for my efforts for the year. One of the girls told me her heartfelt words, that I made her fall in love with mathematics, and let me teach them again.

That semester, they were naughty, and I gradually became disheartened and wanted to leave. After reading the letter, I was relieved. They are just a group of children with different ideas. This is exactly why teachers exist. Enlightenment and education are what we need to do, rather than retreating and deserting when encountering difficulties.

I recalled the days when my students were fed snacks, when we gathered flowers together and the fragrance of flowers flooded the dormitory, and now the words from two of my students. Every frame is unforgettable for my life.

Being able to go to school and get an education is important for the future of these children. They live a very simple and basic life and work very hard to support their daily needs. Because of the remotness of these schools, it's difficult to find teachers willing to go. When these children have teachers at school who believe in them and help them see their full potential, it makes all the difference.



Thank you to ZURU for underwriting this project.


Interviewing Applicants for Husky Energy Tailoring Training

Two Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program for Women courses are ready to kick off in Henan county, Qinghai China very soon, thanks to Husky Energy (now a member of the Cenovus group of companies).

From past experiences, the students here are highly motivated to learn and we want to be able to leverage this, together with the growing demand for tailoring skills training in this region.

More than 90 applicants enrolled in this training through the local women's director. More than 70 candidates were selected by the women's director and project coordinators who meet the requirements to be able to enroll in the training.

The project supervisors interviewed these trainees in July and August. This training is especially beneficial to help unmarried women, single mothers, and families with difficulties working at home or who need flexible employment opportunities.

A total of 60 trainees will participate in the two classes this period, with 30 people in each class. The teachers of the two classes are assisting in the preparation for the start of classes.

We are all very excited for this next run of the Husky Energy Tailoring Skills Program! We hope that this will pave the way for more women for skills development and job opportunities in the coming months!


We are in need of donors and partners like Husky Energy (now a member of the Cenovus group of companies) to keep our programs running. Visit our website to know more about our programs, or to send through your donations. Or, we would love to hear from you directly at info@captivating.org


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Empty Promises

Bhuvi was intercepted at the border. An investigation concluded the pimp had established a fake relationship with her, and proposed to marry her and give her a prosperous life in India.

During the interview, after she realized she was being sold, she revealed the pimp’s name and a suspected pimp from an outcast village who was transporting her to India. She also stated he had molested her time and time again. She was kept at our transit home and was provided with necessary counselling. The pimp called the office, stating he was her father.

But after coordination with the local police, it was revealed she had been missing for the past three months and her mother had filed a missing person’s report. After investigation, two pimps were arrested and our team helped to file a case against them. For safety and security, she was sent to the Women Safe Haven and is preparing for an exam to be able to continue her education.





Your support of USD 100 will fund the interception of a person at the border. If you are a company or an organization, for USD 8,500 you could fund an entire monitoring station for a year. Click on the links below to know more.


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Selling snacks to grow her income

Deanna was one of the working mothers who was hit hard by the COVID pandemic. She was unable to continue with her former work so she needed a new source of income. Raising her adopted son on her own, it is important that her transition would succeed.

With her savings, she started selling afternoon snacks in front of her house. Her choice of business proved to be right as she continued to sell all of her snacks each day.

With the additional help from our Microfinance team, she increased the variety of food that she offers. Every morning, she would buy fresh supply of bread, patties, and various Filipino snacks to cook. Her store is open until 10 in the evening.

We continue to support mothers like Deanna who continue to persevere to provide education for their children through our microfinance programs.

Help More Filipinos Break Away from the Cycle of Poverty

With your support of AU$385/US$270, we will be able to provide a Filipino mom with a small business loan. Click on the links below to know more.


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