Training young people with the capacity to be leaders of tomorrow

With the continued partnership of PCH, another 26 university level students have been equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to bring about sustainable change helping poor families and children. The PCH Capacity Building program, in partnership with Captivating and registered Qinghai based partner, Shamtse, aims to help remote villages address some of the prevailing issues holding them or their children back from thriving.  Thanks to progressive infrastructure development programs widely implemented by the government, low-cost and effective solutions can be easily implemented to bring about lasting change.  The aim of the 4 month training program (run in addition to the normal scholastic load for the student) is to enable them to facilitate progressive change in the village, write a proposal for change, secure funding, and eventually oversee project implementation.

This is the second group of smart and motivated young people to undertake this journey, and we at Captivating are excited by their capacity to dramatically impact the world.

The students were selected thanks to recommendations by their principle university teachers. The fundamental requirements for selecting these students were that they had to come from relatively underprivileged families and has a solid track record of performance at school.  More importantly they needed to be driven by a desire to help others and make positive changes to their communities.

Thank you PCH for your wonderful support of this program – a program we believe is and will continue to sow amazing seeds into Qinghai.

Here are letter’s from two of the students (in their words):

I am Dejiyd Dolma(德吉卓玛) from Qinghai technical school and I am at my first year. I was recommended by my teacher to this capacity training which I never heard of before. I had no idea what is this class all about at the beginning until I got to the training later. Now I know the training is about how to help people who need help by putting all the sources together, it requires donor’s contribution, my engagement, teacher’s instruction and the local people’s needs. I found this would be a great way of practicing my management and communication skills while helping others. I am very impressed with the teacher and she is so rich of experience that we can never imagine. I know I am going to love this training and I know how it would make my mother happy if I can help villagers by doing a project for them. I want to teach my young sister of all this after I am ready and I want my mother to be happy of being a single mother to two girls. 

Internship 2I am Pengmao Dorlma (朋毛卓玛) from Qinghai Normal University and this is my first year at the school. There are three people in my family my parent and myself and my mother had to receive an operation after my born. Since then she could not have more kids and that’s why I am the only child in my family. My mother stays home and take care of the farming work and family chores and my farther always goes to earn money by doing construction work. My farther can earn around RMB 6000 a year and this amount is usually spend on me. My teacher recommended me to attend this capacity training and he said that I would need experience of this since I am a person with willing to help people around. And I found this is a training I have never imagined before and you are so respected by the teacher and it is important to have ideas in this training. I feel I am valued in this training and I see my confidence in myself is growing. I never think that I can be able to help people solving problems they facing and now I think this is going to happen.

For more information about this project or to find out how you could partner with Captivating to bring lasting change to families in remote, rural locations, contact


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25 university level students from rural, poor families in Western China, participated in the 2017 PCH Capacity-Building Leadership program. Their families have already sacrificed so much to get them to university and are quite possibly in debt for the rest of their lives.


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