Chen Erqie Takes Pride in Her “Excellent Breeder” Award

The Chicken Breeding Project in China empowers women to break free from poverty and instills hope into their lives. This initiative is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of 90 rural families residing in remote regions of Sichuan, China.  Our goal is to uplift their livelihood by equipping them with high-quality chicks, essential feeds, and continuous training in advanced techniques and strategies for managing a thriving home-based chicken business.

The women who are part of the project have gained valuable professional experience in chicken breeding through comprehensive training and hands-on practice after just six months of successful operation. This has laid a good foundation for their poultry businesses. We currently focus on conducting follow-up visits and consistently monitoring the progress of the chicken breeding initiative.

We learned about her family’s financial struggles after our conversation. She mainly relied on income from planting crops to sustain her household. Although her children had applied for student loans from their respective universities, Chen Erqie still found it tough to cover their monthly living expenses.

Woman Holds Up Chicken in her Chicken Farm

Chen all-smiles in her Thriving Chicken Farm

Chen Erqie initially received 20 chicks from the project and successfully raised 14 of them. The chickens grew healthily, thanks to her attentive care. Each chicken weighs about 5 kg and has a market price of around RMB 160 (USD 22) each.

Following our visit and evaluation, Chen Erqie was recognized as an “Excellent Breeder” for her active participation in training and outstanding achievements in chicken breeding. She received a RMB 500 bonus (USD 70) as encouragement. Despite facing financial pressure, Chen Erqie remained optimistic and expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by the project. The project not only helped ease her financial problems, but she also learned valuable chicken breeding skills. Chen Erqie is confident that participating in the chicken breeding business will improve her family’s lifestyle in the near future.

Chen is just one of the families in the chicken breeding project that we were able to help, and we hope to reach and empower more women in China through this project.

Our thanks to ZURU and the Annual Shenzhen Charity Auction supporters for sponsoring this project. Interested in learning how you can support this project? Contact our CEO directly,, for more details. He’d love to hear from you.

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Chicken Farming Project Helps Families Create Multiple Streams of Income

The Chicken Farming Project in China helps rural women escape poverty and find hope.